• Care To Swamble On That?

    Las Vegas based (where else?) Swamble is a new mobile-focused website that lets users place and accept wagers on just about anything they can think of. It’s a bit like UK-based Gottabet. But U.S. residents can’t legally use Gottabet because it allows cash wagers. Swamble, for now, allows bets to be settled only with things other than cash. The site is optimized for mobile use. Read More

  • Social Network For Betting Junkies

    London based Gottabet is a social network that handles the logistics on small, friendly bets. Users set up bets, either for actual money or for the Gottabet currency, called “peanuts,” which have no cash value but give bragging rights. An example bet is “How Many People Will Jack Bauer Kill in Season 6?” Participating costs 30 peanuts, and the winner takes the entire pot. Read More