• Gustafsson & Sjogren Lapland Sky Damascus Steel Watch Review

    There are few designs less polarizing in the “I would wear this department” than a watch like the Lapland Sky” from Sweden-based Gustaffson & Sjogren (hereinafter known as “GoS”). While many people can appreciate the beauty of their in-house made Damascus folded steel metal, this is a watch to be worn on the right type of wrist only. I feel confident that I… Read More

  • Everex creates Mac Mini-like MySpace PC

    If you’re into MySpace enough that you’ve been pining for a PC made JUST for doing MySpace-type activities, Everex has the PC for you. Its what happens when you combine an award winning design with the power of Open Source.  The limited edition gPC mini (MyMiniPC) provides MySpace users with a customized platform to easily collaborate, modify and update webpages on the… Read More

  • Google Focused Linux PC's Fail At Wal-Mart

    PC’s running a Google focused version of Linux have been dropped from sale in Wal-Mart stores. The Everex gPC launched in October with a $199 price tag and an operating system that put Google front and center. The gOS Linux Distribution offered direct links into Google services such as Gmail and Google Docs, as well as links to Wikipedia and Facebook. We asked in November whether gOS is… Read More

  • Everex delays CloudBook until end of February

    There’s no joy in Mudville as Everex has delayed its $399 Linux-based ultraportable notebook (specs here) until February. It was supposed to be released yesterday and, sure, February’s less than a week away but Everex is talking about a month from now, meaning the end of February. The delay, according to Everex, is due to the “OS being refined” and workers taking time… Read More

  • Everex Cloudbook: Ultra-mobile, Green & Linux

    [photopress:everex_cloudbook_CE1200V.jpg,full,center] Product Name: Everex Cloudbook
    Description: An “ultra-mobile” PC that runs on gOS Rocket
    Price: $399
    In-store date: January 25 (at Walmart.com)
    Site: Everex
    Why it’s cool: It’s green (as in the environment), which is chic nowadays, and does seem to offer a decent power:performance ratio given the price. The… Read More

  • New version of gOS announced

    I think it’s time we shut down the Internet. A new version of the so-called Google OS, gOS will be available next week. Dubbed “Rocket,” this new version has Google Gears support for hot offline action and includes: Virtual desktops: Available on the desktop, allowing easy grouping of applications across multiple desktop spaces · Online Storage Drive: available on… Read More

  • New Version of gOS To Be Launched At CES Complete With Google Gears

    Linux distro gOS, the web focused OS we first wrote about when it went on sale with a $199 PC at Wal-mart November 1, is about to launch a new version at CES in Las Vegas next week. Before you ask (as some have previously) why TechCrunch would write about a Linux distro, gOS is different. This is the first major OS to come standard with a focus on web apps, and as I wrote in November last year… Read More

  • gOS PC Sells Out: People Like A Google Focused PC

    The gPC, the computer system with the Google focused gOS operating system that went on sale November 1 at Walmart for $200, has sold out in less than 2 weeks*. The minimum spec PC has received positive reviews from Walmart customers (here) with plenty of 5 star ratings. As we noted in our review of gOS November 4, the system may well be a sign of things to come. Rather than offer a desktop… Read More

  • Try gOS on your PC

    We talked about Everex’s gPC last week, explaining that it’s basically a cheap PC running a version of Ubuntu that links directly to Google apps for most of its office functionality. What we didn’t know is that you can download gOS all by itself, burn it to a live or installation CD, and enjoy turning your $3,000 gaming rig into a $199 Wal-Mart clunker. Why would you do this? Read More

  • gOS: Where Computers Are Headed?

    We reported Thursday on the gPC going on sale at Wal-Mart, a $199 bare minimum PC that runs a Linux package by the name of gOS. Unlike some initial reports suggested, this isn’t the long fabled Google Operating System, but the folks behind it most definitely had Google on their mind. In an interview at Fsckin, David Liu, founder of the gOS project gave some indication of what they are… Read More

  • Everex plans to offer cheap Linux/Google notebooks too

    Remember two days ago? That was when taskmaster John Biggs told us about the $200 Everex PC. Well today it’s been announced that Everex “will bring Linux laptops under $300 to users next year.” Read More