Conservative Entrepreneurs Want To Force Tech Issues Into GOP Debate

A group of conservative technologists wants eliminating regulatory policies affecting small businesses to be a key issue in 2016. Lincoln Labs, a conservative technology group pushing for small gove

Here’s The GOP’s Net Neutrality Bill

The text of the proposed GOP net neutrality bill is out. The larger technology community is still digesting its various proposals. Here's what I got from a first read.

GOP Net Neutrality Proposal Draws Ire, Praise

A preliminary Congressional GOP net neutrality plan earned modest praise today from the Internet Association, while Senator Al Franken tried to rally his troops this morning in the opposite direction.

The GOP Is Using Support For Uber As A Fundraising Pitch

The GOP is cool, guys, and they want you to know it. Out today from the Republican party is a petition in support of Uber. The petition is predictably partisan, blaming "liberal government bureaucr

Republicans Find Fun, New Way For You To Give Them

Are you a The Republican party thinks that it is, and wants you to jam along with their message by buying a spiffy new domain name. For some reason and basically ev

House Republicans Want To Kill Net Neutrality As Part Of Their Debt Ceiling Bill

Not sure what to make of this episode, but it matters and so here we are: A draft of provisions that Republican leaders in the House are attempting to demand in return for allowing the debt ceiling to