• GooseGrade Uses Crowdsourcing To Edit Website Copy

    GooseGrade, a startup that uses crowdsourcing to let anyone copy edit web sites, has tweaked its service to allow readers to copy edit any web site online. Previously, “citizen editors” could only edit sites which already have the gooseGrade plugin installed. With the launch of the new service, readers only need to install gooseGrade’s new browser bookmarklet, which can be… Read More

  • Can You Spell "Barack Obama"?

    Many Americans and others are still unable to spell Barack Obama’s first name correctly. At least that is the conclusion of the folks at GooseGrade, a service that allows readers to post corrections for grammar, spelling and factual errors on blogs and other online media outlets using a free widget. GooseGrade did some quick and dirty research and found at least 60 million pages on… Read More