Why Wireless Charging In The Nexus 4? Why Now?

Google likes to skate to where the puck might be next game. They were first in the U.S. with a viable NFC payments solution (that isn't very popular) and they've been at the forefront of AR with Glass

Here Are The Official Specs For The Nexus 4 And Nexus 10

When Google announced the Nexus 4 and the Nexus 10, they neglected to mention specific specifications for folks who specifically wanted them. Luckily, we just got our hands on a nice, complete list. A

The LG Nexus 4 Gets Official: 4.7″ Screen, 8 Or 16GB of Storage, And Android 4.2 Starting At $299 Unlocked

Google finally introduced its latest Nexus Android reference phone to the world (meaning the device that gets major OS updates first, and the one that's guaranteed to receive all of them first, untouc

Google Refreshes The Nexus 7 With New Storage Options, Lower Prices, 3G Option

The Nexus 7 is now a little more awesome. Google just <a target="_blank" href="">released the details</a> on a signif