Google Launches Managed Virtual Machines, Gives Developers A Middle Ground Between Compute And App Engine

Google is launching Managed Virtual Machines today, a new service on its Cloud Platform that gives developers the best new option for hosting their applications in the cloud. Instead of having to deci

Google Announces Massive Price Drops For Its Cloud Computing Services And Storage, Introduces Sustained-Use Discounts

At its Cloud Platform event today, Google announced a number of massive price drops for virtually all of its cloud-computing services. The company has also decided to reduce the complexity of its pric

Google Launches BigQuery Streaming For Real-Time, Big-Data Analytics

<a target="_blank" href="">BigQuery</a>, Google's cloud-based tool for quickly analyzing very large datasets, is getting a massive price cut today (up to 85 per

Google’s Cloud Platform Goes On The Offensive With Price Cuts, New Features

Google is launching a wide range of updates for its Cloud Platform today that aim to make it more competitive in a market where Amazon Web Services is still the de facto platform for cloud-based appli