• Google Taunts Skype, Releases GTalk API

    Google has just released a set of components called Libjingle that allow third party applications to interact with Google Talk. The components, which include some source code, are being released under a very liberal license allowing for free incorporation into commercial and non-commercial software. We are releasing this source code as part of our ongoing commitment to promoting consumer… Read More

  • Gtalkr, Flash + Gtalk

    Gtalkr, a flash-based website to access Google’s Gtalk, launched yesterday. It allows you to access your Gtalk instant messaging account without a client, from any computer. Comparisons will inevitably be drawn to Meebo, a similar service, although built on Ajax, that allows users to access a variety of instant messaging services (including gtalk). I wrote about Meebo back in September… Read More

  • Google Talk Live, Functional

    There’s been blog chatter all day about Google Talk. I didn’t write about it because I couldn’t use it (it hadn’t launched yet) and I certainly wasn’t “breaking” the story. Not only that, it seems to me that Skype already has a quite nice and functional application to do this type of thing. And the fact that Google Talk had a wikipedia page up even… Read More