• The Evolution Of Google Reader Started With A Crash Crunch Network

    The Evolution Of Google Reader Started With A Crash

    Editor’s note: Jason Shellen is a former Googler and founding product manager of Google Reader. He is now co-founder at Boxer and advisor at Tapedeck. As part of Google’s recent announcement that it is shutting down Google Reader in July, I thought looking back at the history of how our beloved but beleaguered Reader came to be, why we’ll miss it and what we really want in… Read More

  • Google Reader – Was I Too Quick to Criticize?

    We wrote about Google Reader over the weekend and gave what I felt was a factually correct review of the product. However, some of the comments I’ve received to the post, along with a couple of emails, suggested some of my criticisms were off the mark. I took another look today and I must say that I was dead wrong on a few points. I’ve copied my “areas to improve on”… Read More

  • Google Reader – Beautiful, Needs Work

    Product: Google Reader
    Launched: October 7, 2005 Google launched a web-based ajax RSS reader yesterday at Web2.0. The coverage saturated Memeorandum. Unlike Bloglines, which uses frames to avoid page refreshes, Google Reader uses Ajax. The reader is visually stunning and at first glance appeared to be a contender. However, upon further review we’ve found what we consider to be some… Read More