• How Google Can Avoid Ruining Twitch

    How Google Can Avoid Ruining Twitch

    With Google’s courtship of Twitch and Facebook’s purchase of Oculus back in March, it seems that tech giants are getting serious about being part of the next big trends in gaming. That has gamers both excited and worried. It’s easy to see how either company can help its new acquiree grow: both Twitch and Oculus are still rather small companies that have the potential to… Read More

  • Microsoft Rereleases Its YouTube App For Windows Phone

    Microsoft Rereleases Its YouTube App For Windows Phone

    Microsoft today re-released its old YouTube app for Windows Phone, two months after Google axed the prior version over a terms spat. In May, Google and Microsoft decided to work together to get a strong YouTube app into the Windows Phone marketplace. Microsoft had built something that broke Google’s terms of service (the app was pretty rocking, though), and so the firms decided to… Read More

  • First Full Length Film on YouTube

    Four Eyed Monsters, a movie developed out of a video blog, has debuted on YouTube in what is believed to be the first full length feature film on the Google owned mega-site. According to Marshall Kirkpatrick at Splashcast, the film is a “model of new media in action” and will be available on YouTube for one week. I haven’t had the chance to sit through all 71:54 minutes of… Read More