• Can someone tell this Italian Judge what Google Video is?

    Sometimes I despair of Europe, even though I’m proud of what can be achieved here. But really, guys, can we get it together? At the same time the European Union is investigating a pretty flimsy anti-trust complaint against Google, it’s conspiciously ignoring a case in Italy where three Google executives have been found guilty on a ridiculous charge. Here is the bizarre… Read More

  • Google Video To Cease Sales

    Not that you’ve ever paid a single cent for anything Google has given you, but just so you know, Google is going to stop selling videos via Google Video. On Wednesday, August 15th, Google will stop selling download-to-rent and to-own videos. It makes sense now that it owns YouTube and has a real means of making cash of videos. I’d say leave the content distribution to Apple and Joost. Read More

  • R.I.P. Google Video

    Oh, Google Video. How I loved you so. Your hour long clips of Penn & Teller doing magic tricks, your full versions of pirated movies, leaked to your service. You had so many good things going for you. Then Google bought YouTube and you started getting ignored. Don’t worry, I still used you. I like videos longer than 10 minutes! But I guess that wasn’t enough. Now Google has… Read More

  • Google Video Goes High Brow with Revenue Split

    While the launch of Brightcove has garnered no shortage of attention today, it wasn’t the only important video news of the day. Google’s first “Sponsored Video” had its debut as well. Titled The Domino Effect, it’s Diet Coke and Mentos part II from the guys in white lab coats – EepyBird. Sponsored of course by Coca Cola and Mentos. What portion of the… Read More

  • Google Porn?

    People watching Google Video closely noticed a change this week in the upload area – the restrictions on uploading “pornographic or obscene” material is now just a restriction on “obscene” material. They’ve also added a “mature and adult” category to the genres and removed (I believe) a box on the initial uploading page that must be checked where… Read More

  • How To See the New Google Video Interface

    We mentioned that Google is testing out a new interface for watching videos in a post yesterday. Razvan Antonescu, emailed me with a tip on how to see the new interface for yourself. Google Blogoscoped also wrote about this. To see it, view any video (like this one), then replace the URL with “javascript:setCookie(‘np’,’old’);window.location.reload();” and… Read More

  • Froogle Dumped For Hot New Girlfriend

    Google, which never, ever kills products, just did the equivalent of taking Froogle out back and shooting it in the head. As Steve Rubel noticed yesterday, Froogle was taken down off the Google home page and replaced with Google Video. Hitwise shows exactly what happens to a site when it’s removed from, or added to, the Google home page. Google Video soars, Froogle plummets. Google Video… Read More