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  • Economic Hard Times (And Not Hulu) The Reason For Cord Cutting?

    Almighty Giz has two exciting maps that offer an alternative explanation for the decline in cable and satellite subscriptions in the past year. If you look at the maps, you’ll find that the areas that saw the biggest drops in subscriptions are also, generally, the areas hardest hit by foreclosures. The theory goes, these areas have been hard hit by the recession, and subsequent… Read More

  • Viacom Cuts Off Google TV, A Rally To Restore Sanity Is Clearly Needed

    Sigh. This is getting a bit much. Turns out there isn’t much to watch on Google TV after all. Google TV is apparently viewed by big media as the devil, as the horned one himself and the only way to counter its/his takeover plans, is to disallow access/worship. And so, just like that, Viacom joined the ranks of News Corp, NBC Universal, Disney, and CBS in their stance of blocking the… Read More

  • Wanna Watch TV? Don’t Cut The Cord, Get Cable

    Google TV is a mess. Apple TV is a joke. Using a Roku is about as exciting as cleaning my gutters. I like the Boxee Box, but my wife doesn’t understand why; she doesn’t get it and that says something. Downloading torrents or NZBs is time consuming and only a small portion of the population actually has the know-how and hardware to do it. Sorry. Cord cutting is a lost… Read More

  • Cousin David Pogue And Uncle Walt Mossberg Finally Give Their Thoughts On Google TV

    Google TV reviews dropped everywhere the last few weeks, but if you were anxiously fidgeting around, wondering when Pogue’s and Mossberg’s takes were going to hit, you can settle down now. They both published their reviews today as if it was planned. But don’t expect any deep insight from the two. It’s just more doom, gloom and telling you to wait. (You should wait. I… Read More

  • Google Exec: In 5 To 8 Years, Everyone Will Have An IPTV

    Listening to key executives talk at Web 2.0 Summit in San Francisco today, Google is clearly very bullish about two key things: Google TV and display/video advertising. Earlier in the day, Google CEO Eric Schmidt went to bat for Google TV. Later, Google Global Sales Operations and Business Development, Nikesh Arora, said that in 5 to 8 years everyone will have an IP television, like Google TV. Read More

  • Schmidt On Google TV Network Backlash: We're Taking Dumb TV And Making It Smart

    Today at Web 2.0 Summit in San Francisco, Google CEO Eric Schmidt took the stage for a Q&A with hosts John Battelle and Tim O’Reilly. One topic: Google TV. Specifically, the hosts asked about the backlash Google TV is now seeing from some of the major U.S. television networks. While saying he didn’t want to speak for them, Schmidt noted that this is the first time someone has… Read More

  • Are The TV Studios Encouraging Piracy By Not Playing Nice With Google TV?

    You know, if people once again turn to piracy it’ll be their own damn fault. Google TV has begun to trickle out, and it’s… OK. Not great, but not outright trash. It’s easier to put up with if you’re an earlier adopter, techie type, but if you’re Joe Public? You’re not going to sit on your couch with a clunky keyboard and fiddle around with resolution… Read More

  • Settle Down, Internet, There's Still Plenty To Watch On Google TV

    Oh noes! No more Fox on Google TV! This will surely cause the Pleideans to finally overrun the earth. Clearly us humans are not capable of getting along. Hopefully the aliens above know that two of the world’s largest media conglomerates haven’t taken the same stance as Disney or NBC Universal. Both Time Warner’s and Viacom’s entire web library works just fine on… Read More

  • Google TV Product Lead: "We're Not Trying To Replace Cable"

    Google TV Product Manger Rishi Chandra took the stage today to talk about Google TV, Google’s recent effort to integrate television and Internet browsing. Google TV has recently become the subject of much debate as networks like NBC, CBS and ABC have all pulled their content from the service. Cable companies are also viewing Google TV as a threat, as they are increasingly concerned… Read More

  • A Quick Chat With Google TV's Lead Dev About The Network Blockade, Apps, And Google TV Hitting The PS3

    In my mind, Google TV is about the most interesting product idea in recent gadget history. It’s poised, ready, not to disrupt the TV industry, but rather provide consumers true on-demand options with no extra work on the networks’ part. There’s nothing particularly novel about Google TV, but the whole concept is wrapped up as such a nice package that’s it’s hard… Read More

  • Use PlayOn For A Half-Baked Google TV Hulu Workaround

    Google TV is a sad clown right. All dressed up and ready to have fun, but performing in a cemetery. Hulu is blocked, along with all the network’s sites. Comcast’s Hulu-feed Fancast video portal worked for a couple of days but then the almighty overlords shut that down too. Google TV Search, which could be Google’s most useful and novel 2010 product, is pretty much useless… Read More

  • Now Even Is Blocked On Google TV

    Sorry, folks. Someone clearly couldn’t keep their mouth shut and let it slip that was Google TV‘s backdoor to Hulu. The majority of the content no longer streams to Google TV units like it did just last week. NBC, ABC, Fox — it’s all blocked. Only Viacom’s content still works, but that’s too be expected considering the partnership between Google… Read More

  • Google TV Users, Is An Open Back Door To The Hulu Estate [Update]

    Hold up. Google TV isn’t totally a lost cause and it’s all because of the generosity of Comcast. Fancast, or xfinity as Comcast would like it now to be called, streams just about everything to Google TV: ABC, NBC, Fox, all but CBS shows seem to work just fine. The ironic part is that the content seems to be provided by Hulu itself judging by the logo above all the videos. But… Read More

  • Open Mic Thursday: Hit Us With Your Google TV Questions

    There’s a fair amount of misconceptions and fallacies circling about Google TV. Let’s put some of those to bed, eh? Both John and I are here to answer anything you might have about the system. Of course, you could always check out our full review along with our other coverage, but please use the comments below to shoot us your burning questions. We have both the Logitech and… Read More

  • Dish Network Claims Hulu Will Destroy The TV Industry. So What?

    Batten down the hatches, netizens! At a streaming media conference yesterday, Dish Network Vice-President of Online Content Development and Strategy, Bruce Eisen, said that sites like Hulu, which allow Internet users to watch certain television programming (and sometimes for free), may well destroy the television industry as we know it. That’s a bad thing if you’re Dish Network… Read More

  • Try Out Part Of Google TV In Your Browser Right Now

    A good chunk of Google TV runs inside a browser. Besides the main menu, everything else like the search, web apps, and a lot more are simply webpages and search queues. This means that you can essentially try out the service — or integrate some of it into your HTPC — right now. This hit me shortly after I posted our full review and I managed to grab the URLs of two of Google… Read More

  • Logitech Revue With Google TV: The Official TechCrunch Review

    My family and I have been living with a Google TV for a few days now and since I first installed it, I’ve come up some clever titles for this post. They’ve ranged from snarky to just plain mean, and, well, since I can’t decide on just one, I went with the boring one above. I can’t let all these classy titles go to waste. That wouldn’t be fair, and so, here are some… Read More

  • Google TV Project Moved To YouTube

    Google TV, more an internal project than a real business unit, has been moved under YouTube manager Salar Kamangar. This means little in terms of real change to the platform but it will give Google TV, thus far plagued with refusals by many content providers to allow streaming over the device, a bit more leverage with stations and studios. Read More

  • Want A Free Google TV? Become A Developer; Google Is Giving Away 10,000

    Google TV is now out there in the wild. There’s no indication of how it’s selling just yet, but my hunch is that like early Android, it may be some time before sales really take off. That shouldn’t be too surprising considering that the platform is built on top of Android. But there aren’t a lot of apps and sites yet that are tailored for these new devices. They need more. Read More

  • Inside the Logitech Revue

    Our buddies at iFixIt have torn down the Logitech Revue Google TV box and found what amounts to be a mini computer powered by an Intel Atom CE4150 1.2 GHz processor. Oddly enough, for a device with no storage space, it contains 5GB of NAND flash. Read More

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