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Samsung And Google Still Talking Google TV, Won’t Launch At CES Anyway

Uh-oh. Samsung and Google are still in talks regarding its upcoming Google TV offering. <em>Reuters</em><a href=""> is rep

Google TV Scores An ‘Adult Video’ Channel, Courtesy Of Vivid

Never mind the Internet - the TV was invented for pr0n. And now <a href="">Google TV</a> users can get their fictional passion fix, too, thanks to adult film studio Vivid Enter

Four Stopgap Apps That Almost Fix Google TV 2.0 (And One Bonus App)

Google TV 2.0 launched <a href="">earlier this week</a>, finally bringing Android Market to the living room platform. But Google TV <a hre

Google TV 2.0 Review: A Brillant Interface, But Still Lacking Substance

It's with a heavy heart that I write this revised Google TV review. The product is teetering on a ledge between falling into an abyss of obscurity or sliding downhill into geekdom. There doesn't seem

Google TV Update Rolls Out Today, Already Hitting Select Sony Internet TV Devices

The much-anticipated Google TV update is systematically rolling out today. Sony Internet TV devices are first in line followed by Logitech Revue units shortly thereafter. But wait patiently. As with m

The New Google TV: 4 Demo Videos Including Looks At The New Apps

Google just announced <a href="">the major refresh</a> of Google TV. It adds a bunch of new features to the platform including Android Mar

Google TV Update Rolls Out On Sunday: Better Content Discovery, Android Market, But Hulu Is Still Blocked

Google TV is finally ready for prime time a year after it officially launched. Starting on Sunday, the update will first roll out to the Sony Internet TV units with the Logitech Revue units getting it

Vente-privee’s Plans For U.S. Domination Exciting Enough For Google TV Execs To Jump Ship

<a href="">Vente-privee</a>, the French flash sales juggernaut, announced in May 2011 that it had teamed up with <a href="

Watch Out, UK. Google TV Is Coming Your Way

Google TV soft launched in the US last September with the Logitech Revue and Sony Internet TV products. Google however is reportedly working on bringing the system to the UK and per <a href="http://ww

Sony Cuts Prices On Google TV-Integrated HDTVs

Google TV hasn't exactly set the world on fire, and while we could argue all day about what exactly prevented it from achieving greatness, the expensive hardware has to at least be part of the discuss

Logitech Loses Big On Google TV, Revue Price Cut From $250 To $99

I'll just say it: <a href="">Google TV</a> is sinking and taking its crew down with her. The service promised to bring new life to HDTVs when it launched last O

Amazon Cuts The Price Of The Logitech Revue Google TV To $200

Looking for a good deal on the Logitech Revue? Amazon has you covered. While I’d caution most from going the Google TV route — especially with the new GTV hardware and changes on tap &#821

A Peek At Google TV's New Interface

Google announced yesterday that Google TV would be expanding and getting Android 3.1, but aside from some new manufacturers, there wasn’t much to show. Today, though, during another GTV-related

Google TV Finds New Friends And An Updated OS

<img src="">Google's mantra of launching products early and often didn't exactly work with <a href="htt

OMG/JK: Can Google Correct Last Year's Big I/O Flops This Year?

<img src="" alt="" title="sdfsdfs" class="alignnone size-full wp-image-301133" />It's just about that time again. <a href="

Logitech Made $5 Million On The Revue, Still Standing Behind Google TV

<img src=""> Logitech reported making $5 million on the <a HREF="">Revue</a> Google TV device. The d

Wow, Google Has Ported My Ten Thousand Button Nightmare To The iPhone!

<img src="" alt="" title="ah" class="alignright size-full wp-image-285926" />Back in October of last year, I got my first glance at the Sony Googl

Latest Google TV Update Fixes Bugs, Does Not Bring Android Market

The Google TV platform is alive and well. The dev team pushed through an updated to the Logitech Revue and Sony Internet TV products earlier in the week that squashed bugs and updated several features

Video: Ivan Cobenk on Kevin Bacon – Extended Cut

The extended cut of the Kevin Bacon Logitech Revue commercial. Yep, 3:33 minutes of Kevin Bacon hawking Google TV. Enjoy. It’s my gift to you.

Google, Best Buy & Others Form Alliance To Champion AllVid Adapter

<img src="" />The FCC <a HREF="">proposed</a> som
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