Coronavirus, election results, Kobe Bryant and Zoom among Google’s top 2020 search trends in US and world

The coronavirus outbreak, elections and Zoom meetings were on the minds of U.S. consumers this year, according to Google’s list of the U.S. top trending searches in 2020, released this morning.

How to see another company’s growth tactics and try them yourself

Every company’s online acquisition strategy is out in the open. If you know where to look. This post shows you exactly where to look, and how to reverse engineer their growth tactics...

Google Trends now surfaces data from News, Images, YouTube and Shopping verticals

Google announced today it’s expanding the focus of its Google Trends service – the site that lets anyone track what the world’s web searchers are looking for in both real time and no

Google rolls out Search Trends hub for the Olympics

With the Olympics well underway, Google is rolling out a new Trends hub to give folks a bit more insight into what people are searching during the global athletics event. The Trends hub will let users

Google Trends Debuts Email Notifications For Search Topics, Hot Searches And More

Google Trends, the informative resource that shows you what’s currently popular around the web right now in and in the recent past, now offers email subscriptions, Google announced this morning.

Google Merges Trends And Insights For Search, Expands Hot Searches List to India, Japan And Singapore

Google just <a target="_blank" href="">announced</a> that it is merging <a target="_blank" href="http://insidesearch.

If You Cite Compete Or Alexa For Anything Besides Making Fun Of Them, You’re A Moron

Earlier today, I was checking out some new questions in the <a href="">TechCrunch topic</a> area on Quora. One in particular caught my eye: <a href="

What's In The Health Care Bill? According To Google, A Bit Of Farmville.

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Perseids, John Hughes, And G.I. Joe Are Trending Topics On Wikipedia

<img src=""> Google has <a href="">Google Trends</a>, Twitter has trending topics, and

The Mysterious Social Search Abyss Of 2010

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Swine Flu Spreads Panic Over The Web

<img src="" width="214" height="124" /> Earlier today, the U.S. declared a public health emergency over the Swine Flu, after con

Some Big Sites Are Using Google Trends To Direct Editorial

<img alt="" /><a href="">Google Trends</a>, which shows you the hot search queries on Google at any given time, is <a href="

Google Trends helps popularize obscure presidential candidate: Jimmy Tide

[photopress:googletrendstide.jpg,full,left] The New Hampshire primary was yesterday, but you won’t find either winner (John McCain and Hillary Clinton) in the top 10 of Google Trends. You will,

Google Trends Launches

Google Trends launched today. It’s another analysis tool (and a good one), that allows you to see how often specific search terms are being entered into the Google search engine. Up to five term