• iPhone Edition of 'mundu' handles IM with ease

    Previously available by invite only, mundu is now available to the rest of us. It allows you to use your Yahoo!, Google, MSN, and AIM accounts with ease. Emphasis on “ease.” I was up and running and logged in on my iPod Touch in under a minute. Very, very simple stuff here. You’re able to be logged in to more than one service at a time and you can make your own status… Read More

  • Google Talk Swings Back

    There’s lots of instant messaging news today. Google isn’t letting the fact that it has less than 1% market share and only 44,000 people used its Google Talk client last month get it down. Tonight they’ve released three significant new features to the product – file transfers, voicemail and music status. Information on all of these features is here. File Transfers Files… Read More

  • Gmail Chat to Launch Tomorrow

    The NYT is reporting that Google will be blending Google Talk directly into the Gmail website tomorrow for a limited number of users. The new product will be called “Gmail Chat”. The new program, called Gmail Chat, will let Gmail users exchange text messages with others without having to log onto a separate chat program, making instant messaging simpler and more integrated with… Read More