Google Street View

Google Maps’ Street View celebrates 15 years with historical imagery on mobile, new camera and more

Google Maps’ Street View feature was created 15 years ago, and since then, has added more than 220 billion Street View images from over 100 countries and territories. Many of us have taken advantage

Google Maps challenges Apple’s 3D mode with a new ‘immersive view’ for cities

In the face of increased competition from Apple Maps and its 3D city views, Google today introduced its own vision for its next-generation Google Maps with a preview of its new more “immersive&#

Google now lets anyone contribute to Street View using AR and an app

An update to Google’s Street View app on Android will now let anyone contribute their photos to help enhance Google Maps, the company announced this morning. Using a “connected photos&#822

Here’s Google’s new Street View Trekker backpack

Years ago, Google’s Street View program expanded from streets to virtually everywhere, thanks to Google’s Trekker program that put 360-degree Street View cameras into a single backpack. To

Google Street View cars will be roaming around the planet to check our air quality with these sensors

Aclima, a San Francisco-based startup building Internet-connected air quality sensors has announced plans to integrate its mobile sensing platform into Google’s global fleet of Street View vehicles.

Aclima sucks in $24M to scale its air quality mapping platform

Aclima, a San Francisco-based company which builds Internet-connected air quality sensors and runs a software platform to analyze the extracted intel, has closed a $24 million Series A to grow the bus

Researchers can now make neighborhood voting predictions from Google Street View images

In a sign that computers will be able to perform image analysis as fluently as text analysis, a group of Stanford-based researchers were able to make accurate predictions about neighborhood voting pat

Google’s improved image blending means a more seamless Street View

Google is hard at work behind the scenes improving one of its ambitious technical projects ever – Street View. The company previously revealed that its been rolling out improved camera cars with bet

Oh, the places you can go with Google Street View

Google Street View uses in-house data-capturing tech that lets you see the world from the comfort of your own device. GSV allows us to see not only photos of certain gems on the planet, but provides n

Google brings the Iditarod to Street View

Alaska is home to one of the toughest endurance events in the world: the Iditarod — a 1000+ mile dog sled race across the vast wilderness that is the U.S.’s northernmost state. Most of us

Google Hauls Its Street View Cameras Up The Mont Blanc

Google recently took its Street View cameras to the world's largest model railroad. Today, it's going from small models to massive mountains with the launch of its new Street View imagery of the Mont

You Can Now Visit The World’s Largest Model Railroad In Street View

 Over the years, Google has taken Street View to a number of exotic places. Today, it’s stepping things down by launching a set of Street View images for the world’s largest model railwa

Google Brings Street View To The Ancient City Of Petra

Google continues to expand the range of its Street View project. Today, the company is launching imagery from the ancient rock-cut city of Petra, in Jordan (and one of the seven wonders of the world,

Google’s Street View Trekker Makes A Return Trip To The Galapagos Islands

Google’s Street View cameras recently made a return trip to the Galapagos to catch up with the local population of giant tortoises. The company first launched Street View imagery of the islands

Google Brings New Street View Imagery To 40 Remote Islands And Underwater Locations

Google launched a new batch of regular and underwater Street View imagery today that lets you swim with humpback whales off the Cook Islands, dive with parrot fish off the coast of Bali, or walk on a

Google Street View Welcomes Aboard Its First Cruise Ship

Google has added the first sea vessel to Street View's roster of panoramically surveilled and stitched places, with a Royal Caribbean International cruise ship getting 20,000 close ups so that armchai

Google Street View Now Lets You Go Back In Time

Every day, Google’s Street View cars capture massive amounts of data and the company then publishes them on Google Maps at regular intervals. Until now, the only images you could see on Google M

Google’s New Street View Image Recognition Algorithm Can Beat Most CAPTCHAs

Here is an interesting conundrum for Google: it has created an algorithm that's significantly better at reading street numbers in Street View images, which helps it give you more accurate directions.

Google Street View Adds Panoramic Photos Of Angkor Wat

Google Street View now has 90,000 new panoramic images of Angkor Wat's famous temples. The gorgeous photos were taken during sunrise at more than 100 historic sites, including Bayon Temple and the Ram

From Static To Suggestive: Nokia’s Earthmine-Powered Vision For The Future Of Maps

Nokia is preparing to rev up its engines in the location space and drive towards the future of maps. The company whose name is still synonymous with mobile phones in certain parts of the world will ha
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