Google Sites

Google’s redesigned Google Sites goes live

For the longest time, Google Sites felt like the forgotten app in Google’s productivity suite. Earlier this year, though, the company announced that it would finally give Sites a full overhaul.

Google launches Springboard, an AI-powered assistant for its enterprise customers

Google has unwrapped two significant announcements for its enterprise customers, the most notable of which is the rollout of Springboard, a new service that makes searching from Google Drive, Calendar

Google Sites Become Prettier With Templates

<img src="" width="215" height="160" /> <a href="">Google Sites,</a> which launched a little under two years a

Google Sites Get Liberated By New API

<img src="" width="215" height="166" />For the last 18 months <a href="">Google S

SynthaSite Gets A $20 Million Boost For Simple Website Creation Software

<img src="" />There have been simple, browser-based website creation tools available on the market ever since the WWW turned mainstream,

It Took 16 Months, But Google Relaunches Jotspot

Google acquired hosted wiki service Jotspot in October 2006. The service immediately stopped taking new users, although existing users were supported. Now, nearly sixteen months later, Jotspot has bee