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Google’s Social Sign-In Growth Slows In Q3

<a target="_blank" href="">Janrain</a>, the popular user-management and social login provider, <a target="_blank" href="

Case Study Shows Google+ Sign-Ins Are Working, Increased Snapette Sign-Ups By 16%

One developer feature Google is really stressing these days is Google+ Sign-in, the company’s recently launched authentication tool for third-party sites and mobile apps. While the company will

Google’s Seth Sternberg And Ardan Arac On Getting Developers To Adopt Google+ Sign-In

After Google’s announcement and demo of app activities being introduced into its Search product, I spoke with Seth Sternberg and Ardan Arac about how Google+ sign-in is coming along and what the

Google Really Wants Developers To Use Google+ Sign-Ins, Announces 5-Day Developer Bootcamps In Cities Worldwide

Google really wants developers to use the new Google+ <a target="_blank" href="">application sign-ins</a> it <a href="