Google Product Search

  • Google Cuts Milo At The Knees With Its Blue Dot Specials

    Google just launched a new feature on the mobile version of Google Product Search which could take local shopping search startup Milo out at the knees. Whenever you do a Google product search from a mobile phone, blue dots will appear next to items which are in-stock at nearby stores. The image at right is from a search I just did for “HDTVs.”  The blue dots are subtle, but… Read More

  • Google Starts Blending Web And Shopping Search Results Again

    Looks like Google is rolling out more tests with integrating results from its Shopping / Product Search engine (former Froogle) in traditional web search queries, right before the start of the holiday period. This isn’t necessarily new (see this WebMasterWorld forum entry from November 2007), but it does appear to be more widespread now. Our tipster says he’s had 5 of his friends… Read More