• AlertMe revamps home energy kit, iPhone app on its way (screen shots)

    AlertMe, the home energy monitoring service, is revamping its home energy kit and accompanying web service, and will launch a rather neat looking iPhone app this July. The UK company sells a home energy kit that lets users measure and track their home’s energy use online by retrofitting hardware similar to so-called ’smart meters’. The service also ties into Google… Read More

  • Wattvision Shows The Power Of Simple, Realtime Energy Monitoring

    It’s freezing cold in San Francisco right now (which is to say, 50 degrees). As such, I’ve been using my heater like a madman trying to stay warm. I know that’s going to hurt when I get my electricity bill at the end of the month, but I have no idea how much it’s going to hurt. A Y Combinator startup, Wattvision, launching in beta today, wants to solve that… Read More

  • UK launch for Google Powermeter via AlertMe – but please don't tweet your light switch

    Google Powermeter, the search giant’s home energy monitoring tool, has launched in the UK today. While the environment stands to benefit – research shows that when users have access to detailed information about their energy use, household energy bills are reduced by up to 10% – Cambridge, UK-based AlertMe should also do quite well out of this. The VC-backed company has… Read More

  • Google's PowerMeter Project: For When The Web's Data Is Not Enough

    Google has announced its plan to help consumers gain better information about their personal electricity usage. The plan, which is listed on Google’s philanthropic website, promotes the adoption of smart electricity meters in homes across the world. These smart meters are better than regular meters because they can provide detailed information about usage rates throughout the day… Read More