Google Podcasts

Google launches migration tool ahead of Google Podcasts’ 2024 shutdown

In September, Google announced it would shut down its standalone podcasts app, Google Podcasts, sometime next year. Now that the end of 2023 is nearing, the company is today launching a migration tool

Google Podcasts to shut down in 2024 with listeners migrated to YouTube Music

Google announced this morning it will be shutting down its Google Podcasts app later in 2024 as part of its broader transition to move its streaming listeners over to YouTube Music. The company earlie

Google Podcasts finally gets listener analytics

For all of its strengths, Google hasn’t exactly led the way in podcasting. After years of letting third-party developers dominate the category on Play, the company finally introduced its own Podcast

Google Podcasts is finally available on iOS

Just in time for our collective house arrests, Google has unveiled a redesigned version of Podcasts. The revamped version of the app is centered around discovery, broken up into three primary tabs. Th

Google adds playable podcast episodes to search results

Google is making it easier to find and listen to audio content specific to your search interests, with playable episodes surfaced in results that start rolling out today. Playable podcasts will show u