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YouTube rolls its music subscription services into 12 more markets

YouTube has rolled out its music streaming service to a bunch more international markets, adding 12 new countries today, and also launching the premium music video version of the service across the f

Even with double the subscribers, Spotify says Apple will always have some edge owning the app store

Spotify just filed for a direct listing in the U.S., sidestepping the traditional IPO process, and now we’re starting to see some of the true financial guts of the company — and some of the si

YouTube Red and Google Play Music to merge, says report

Google Play Music and YouTube Red will be merged to create a new streaming service, according to a report from The Verge, which Google then essentially confirmed with a statement indicating that chang

Google Play Music gets more personalized with New Release Radio, customized to your tastes

It’s no longer enough to simply offer on-demand music as part of the value proposition for music streaming services – you have to enable discovery of new tunes and make recommendations, to

New partnership makes Google Play Music the default on all Samsung devices, with double the storage capacity

Samsung and Google today announced a new partnership that will make Google Play Music the default music player and music service including on new Samsung phone and tablets worldwide, starting with the

Hoping to beat rivals, Google Play Music starts using your location & activity to recommend tunes

Google today announced the launch of a new version of its Google Play Music service, in an effort to better compete with rivals like Spotify and Apple Music in terms of personalization. Like the othe

Google Play Music teams up with Runtastic to offer new workout playlists, free trials

In an effort to attract more users to its streaming music service, Google today has teamed up with fitness app Runtastic to offer the app’s users a variety of new workout playlists, including s

Google Play Music is now available in India

Google looks to have launched its Play Music store in India today.

Google brings podcasts to Google Play Music

Google today announced that it is (finally) bringing podcasts to its Google Play Music service in the U.S. and Canada. With this, it follows in the footsteps of services like Spotify, which recently l

Google Begins Rolling Out Google Play Music Family Plan, $14.99 For Up To 6 People

<a href="">Back in September</a>, Google announced that Google Play Music, the search gi

Google Will Shut Down Songza App, To Fold Into Google Play Music

The music wars are afoot, Google is consolidating its weaponry. Beginning today, Songza users will be notified that the Songza website and mobile apps are being fully folded into Google Play Music as

Google Introduces Google Play Music Family Plan, $14.99 For Up To 6 People

Google is expanding its <a target="_blank" href="">Google Play Music</a> service with a new family plan. The company announced at its <a href="

Google Photos Users Have Already Uploaded 50 Billion Photos And Videos

Today, Google Photos announced that users have already uploaded 50 billion photos and videos. The product launched about four months ago, being pulled out of Google+ as a standalone product. The team

Google Music Could Get Touchy-Feely If It Does Acquire Moody Playlist App Songza

“Google Play Music All-Access”. That tongue-twisting name says a lot about how well Google understands humans. It’s also why the New York Post’s report that Google is in talks

Sonos Adds Google Play Music Support With A Little Bonus

Finally! Sonos now supports Google Play Music and even allows Android users to cast music to a speaker a la Chromecast and bypass the Sonos app entirely. Users do not need to subscribe to Google's mus

Google’s Sundar Pichai Says Google Play Music All Access Is Coming To iOS In A Few Weeks

Google has made a number of its apps and services available on multiple devices. Sundar Pichai, Google's SVP of Android, Chrome, and Apps, announced at the D11 Conference that there's another service