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Video: Introducing Android

The creators of Android talk about their new open platform for mobile phones and the Open Handset Alliance. Introducing Android [YouTube]

Is this the Google Phone? Begin salt grain preparation

Although it appears that there won’t be any one singular Google Phone, there have apparently been some murmurings around the interconnected network that Chinese device manufacturer “E28&#8

Google Phone announcement expected in next two weeks says WSJ

The Google Phone has replaced the iPhone. What I mean by that is all the rumors, innuendo and general nonsense that surrounded the iPhone will now be transplanted to the Google Phone. Today’s ru

The Futurist: What We'd Like To See In A Google Phone

The fact that Google is trying to take a bite of the Apple pie–that is, prepping a launch of its own mobile phone–is perhaps Silcon Valley’s worst-kept secret. As the rumors currentl

Google Phone Prototypes to Manufacturers; To Offer Free Service?

Google apparently has an issue with charging consumers money. Let’s face it, the world’s largest search giant isn’t a search engine, it’s an ad machine. A perfectly targeted on

Google Phone: Here Before The End of 2007?

Stop living your life for just a second because we have a possible release date for the rumored Google Phone: late 2007. Supposedly the phone will be manufactured by HTC (they make the Dash, among oth