• Google News Badges? We Don’t Need No Stinking Google News Badges

    Google News Badges? We Don’t Need No Stinking Google News Badges

    Whether you think gamification is the road that leads to a brighter future – or instead straight to the irreparable infantilization – of the Web, even the harshest of critics have to admit that there’s more to the concept than simply slapping some badges on a website, game or application, Foursquare-style. The more I read up on this new Google News Badges stuff, the more I… Read More

  • Eventually, One Of These Updates Will Make Google News Not Suck At Tech News, Right?

    Eventually, One Of These Updates Will Make Google News Not Suck At Tech News, Right?

    For as long as I can remember, there has been one constant in tech news: Google News sucks at it. Now, that’s not entirely fair since Google News doesn’t actually provide any of their own content. Instead, they use the supposedly magical Google algorithms to curate others’ content from around the web. Still, there’s just no way around it — the product, at least… Read More

  • Google News Goes Local On Mobile: Introduces 'News Near You'

    The first thing many of us do in the morning is check for earth shattering news, and Google has just made the quest to find relevant news a little bit easier by introducing a geolocation-enabled “News Near You” feature in its U.S. Edition. While there are plenty of niche local news aggregators like Topix or Fwix available for local news junkies, Google News is the dominant player… Read More

  • Google News Starts Testing A Social Layer: Twitter

    There’s a lot of speculation about Google’s upcoming stab at social (take 15, or so, for those keeping track at home). The most recent talk has Google adding a social layer to all of their properties to tie them all together. One such property is actually already trying out such a layer — but it’s a social layer run by Twitter. As Search Engine Land points out, Google… Read More

  • Ex-Google News, Bing Engineers Set Out To Build 'Newspaper Of The Future'

    Delivering news digitally in a personalized manner is a nut many a startup – as well as many established Internet companies and publishers – are desperately trying to crack. A newly-founded Palo Alto startup called Hawthorne Labs is one of them. Today, the company released their first application, dubbed APOLLO, for the iPad (iTunes link – screenshots and video below). Read More

  • Google News Gets Biggest Overhaul Since 2002, Adds Trending Topics And Personal News Stream

    Google News Gets Biggest Overhaul Since 2002, Adds Trending Topics And Personal News Stream

    After months of testing, today Google News is unveiling “the biggest redesign since the beta launch in 2002,” says director of product management Ben Ling. The main new elements of the page include new navigation by trending topics in the left pane, a personalized news stream in the middle pane, and localized news and weather in the right-hand pane. The whole idea is to make… Read More

  • Google News Tries Sharing With Facebook, But Where's The Buzz Button?

    Google News is testing out a new design, as I reported earlier this month. It includes trending topics on the left and new personalization options. But today someone in the bucket test noticed something different. The sharing options changed. Each story can be shared via email, Google Reader, or Facebook. Most people won’t see this. It is just in a limited test. But it does… Read More

  • Google News Tests Trending Topics

    Google News Tests Trending Topics

    Google is already taking a page out of Twitter’s playbook with the recent launch of Buzz, which lets everyone on Gmail broadcast public status updates, share links, blog posts, photos, videos, and more. But Google, which tried and failed to buy Twitter last year, is still studying its various features and building some of them into its own services. The next one it might borrow… Read More

  • My God, Google News Is Full Of Stars

    Maybe the single most useful feature of Gmail for me is how you can “star” items to highlight them to come back to later. In Google Reader, this starring feature also exists and is hands-down the best feature of the service. Today, Google News added the same feature, and it’s also awesome. Now, I’ve never been a big fan of Google News. In fact, I think it’s… Read More

  • Report: 44% Of Google News Visitors Scan Headlines, Don't Click Through

    Research firm Outsell has published its third annual News Users’ report, which is based on a survey about the online and offline news preferences of 2,787 US news consumers. The Outsell report unsurprisingly predicts ongoing, steep drops in US newspapers’ print circulation as consumers continue to head online for news consumption and sharing, forecasting 3.5 percent annual declines… Read More

  • More People Around The World Get Their News Online From Google News Than CNN

    Well, Rupert Murdoch is going to love this. More people around the world get their news online from Google News than from CNN or the news properties of the New York Times. In November, 2009, according to comScore, Google News attracted 100 million unique visitors worldwide, making it a larger news site than CNN (66 million) or the combined properties of the New York Times (92 million). But… Read More

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