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  • M.Dot Builds Better Mobile Site Creator, Gets Archimedes Labs’ Largest Investment Yet

    M.Dot Builds Better Mobile Site Creator, Gets Archimedes Labs’ Largest Investment Yet

    Archimedes Labs, a Palo Alto incubator, has made its largest startup investment to date, backing mobile web development startup Neither side would disclose financial details. is still in private beta testing, and co-founders Dominik Balogh and Pavel Serbajlo tell us they plan to launch this fall. is a free app that allows users to build a mobile website from scratch or a… Read More

  • New Google Mobile App adds Voice Search support for iPod

    Google has submitted a new version of its Google Mobile App for the iPhone platform (iTunes link), and the fresh app now finally boasts built-in support for Voice Search on iPod touch devices (2G or newer). Version also brings improved stability when using Voice Search on ‘restrictive networks’ and is also said to make Search by Voice completion detection function a… Read More

  • See That Funny 2D Barcode In The Store Window? It Might Pull Up A Google Listing.

    What if every store had a bar-code sticker on its window so that you could pull out your iPhone, wave it in front of the bar code and get all sorts of information about that business—the telephone number, photos, customer reviews? Starting on Monday, you’ll be able to do that at up to 190,000 local businesses throughout the U.S. Google has mailed out window stickers with… Read More

  • Mobile Gmail Becomes More Like Its Desktop Father

    Google has launched a new Gmail mobile web app for the iPhone and Android-powered devices. The app has been revamped to have the same look and feel as your desktop Gmail. The app also has a new floaty bar (more on that below) and offers basic offline support. Google says that the app is faster in performing actions like opening an email, navigating, or searching, and let’s you access… Read More

  • YouTube Now Lots Better On Windows Mobile And Nokia Phones

    YouTube can now be widely accessedthrough an application on most Window Mobile and Nokia S60 devices. You can visit from your phone to download the app. YouTube says that the devices will have a faster application start-up, searching capabilities, and video loading and will allows users to easily access YouTube via an icon on the device’s screen. YouTube has also improved… Read More

  • HTC Developing Phone for Android

    High Tech Computer (HTC) is developing a mobile phone that will use the open-source Android software created by Google for its operating system. The phone will be called Dream and have a large touchscreen and full QWERTY keypad. The handset is over 5 inches long and 3 inches wide and has a keypad that swivels out from underneath the screen. HTC is not the only company that is developing a… Read More

  • Google Declares Era of Mobile Internet is at Hand

    In recent months, Google has seen an acceleration of activity among mobile phone users. The company said this is evidence that the era of mobile Internet is at hand. Google has seen sharp increases in mobile Internet usage spurred by services Google has offered on BlackBerry, Nokia and iPhone devices. “We have very much hit a watershed moment in terms of mobile Internet usage,”… Read More

  • Yahoo’s New Bookmarking Tool OnePlace

    Yahoo revealed its new bookmarking tool today. OnePlace is an application that lets users keep track of their favorite Web topics on their cell phones. OnePlace, which is scheduled to launch in the second quarter of this year, allows users to mark links, news feeds or search results that lead them to fresh information on favorite topics when clicked. While bookmarks are not new, Yahoo says… Read More

  • T-Mobile to Drop Google and use Yahoo in Europe

    T-Mobile announced that it will be dropping Google and picking up Yahoo as its preferred mobile search provider in Europe. This is a minor victory for Yahoo, which is in direct competition with Google and Microsoft to put its search engine on mobile phones that can access the Internet. When T-Mobile partnered with Google, it was heralded as one of the first partnerships between a mobile… Read More

  • Google to be Integrated on Nokia Handsets

    The world’s largest handset maker, Nokia, announced today that it will integrate the Google search engine with the Nokia Search application. This plan was released at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain. Google search will be available in more than 100 countries on a variety of handsets. The first Nokia products to be loaded with Google will be the Nokia N96, N78, 6210… Read More

  • NTT DoCoMo to use Goolge’s Mobile Search Engine

    It was announced today that Japan’s largest mobile carrier, NTT DoCoMo, is partnering with Google to provide customers Internet searches and other services from the search engine giant. NTT DoCoMo currently uses its own i-mode to provide mobile Internet services. By spring of this year, Google will be set as the default search portal page. Keyword-based advertisements will appear on… Read More

  • Clearwire to Offer Google Services

    Clearwire, a wireless service provider, announced today that it will offer subscribers Google applications in the first half of this year. Clearwire customers who have wireless Internet will be able to
    access Google applications like e-mail, calendar and Google Talk instant message service. Clearwire was founded by Craig McCaw. McCaw said the company also plans to provide Google’s Web… Read More

  • Verizon kicking it into high gear thanks to the iPhone

    ZDNet has an article about how, because of the iPhone, “rivals have to generate some kind of cool factor.” And the uncoolest of them all? Verizon. The article’s author, Larry Dignan, gives three examples of Verizon’s recent shift in strategy. Read More

  • Google Rumors: GPay and GPhone

    The publication of a recent Google patent has industry insiders speculating that Google is working on a mobile phone-based payment service. The service is being called GPay until Google announces or denounces this rumor. In tandem with GPay, there is growing speculation that Google will sell a low-cost internet enabled handset dubbed the GPhone. The GPay system differs from other payment… Read More

  • Unexpected Surge in Google Mobile this Summer

    Traditionally, Google mobile and non-mobile web surfing declines in the summer months as people go on vacation. (At least in North America). This year traffic on mobile devices utilizing Google has increased 35%. Mobile devices looking at Google Maps has increased as much as 50%. This appears to point to a trend, in which people use their mobile devices for information while taking time off… Read More