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Google introduces new features to help identify AI images in Search and elsewhere

Google is taking its first steps toward combating the potential for misinformation arising from AI-generated images. Complementing its announcements at its I/O developer event this afternoon, the comp

There’s a way to pick the absolute best images for your content: Apply AI

Is there a data-driven — or even better, an AI-driven — process for gaining deeper insight into which images are more likely to engage users?

Redesigned Google Shopping goes live, with price tracking, Google Lens for outfits and more

Google Shopping is getting a redesign with several new features, including options to shop local stores, track prices and even find style inspiration through Google Lens. Already, Google Lens’ s

Google Images on desktop adds a side panel and feels more purpose-driven

If you’re browsing Google Image search results today, you might notice a new interface element: A sticky side panel that displays any images you click on, providing a closer look at the specific

Google Lens comes to Google Images for searching – and shopping – inside photos

Google this morning announced it’s bringing its A.I.-powered Lens technology to Google Image Search. The idea, explains the company, is to allow web searchers to learn more about what’s in

Google adds creator credit to Images

Google’s attempting to smooth out its relationship with photo rights holders by bringing some additional contextual data to its Image Search. In a blog post today, Product Manager Ashutosh Agarwal h

British Airways Borders On Creepy With “Know Me” Google Identity Check

Using Google to develop passenger dossiers wth Google Images? Now that's what you call customer service! At least that's British Airways spin. Privacy advocates call it .

Concept Art Dictionary Gives A Word’s First Google Image Result Instead Of A Definition

Here's something that you'll either want to buy immediately -- or that will just strike you as a giant waste of paper. There's no in between. Though I will venture a guess that Sergey Brin was going t

Google Unveils Image Search Ads — Your Ads Now With Picture Thumbnails

<img src="" alt="" title="33" class="alignnone size-full wp-image-198908" />At its <a href="

Google Image Search: Over 10 Billion Images, 1 Billion Pageviews A Day

<img src="" alt="" title="22" class="alignnone size-full wp-image-198855" />Today at Google's search event in San Francisco, Vice President of Se

Google Set To Unveil New Look To Google Images

<img src="" alt="" title="Back Camera" class="alignnone size-full wp-image-198830" />We're here in San Francisco for a Google Search event. It's n