Why Google Health Really Failed—It's About The Money

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Google Health Creator Adam Bosworth On Why It Failed: "It's Not Social"

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Google Shuts Down Medical Records And Health Data Platform

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Google Health Gets A Wellness Makeover, Now Integrated With Fitbit And CardioTrainer

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MyVaccs wants Brits to store their vaccination records online

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Google Health Adds Two More Insurers, Only Has 267 To Go

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Google Health Now Lets You Upload Scanned Medical Documents

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MiVitals Can't Find Pulse For Online Health Records

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CVS Signs On With Google Health To Offer Comprehensive Pharmacy History

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Google Health Now Lets You Share Your Medical History With Loved Ones

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Google Health Coming Soon?

Spotted by Google Blogscoped is a login page for Google Health, Google’s entry into the online health records space. At the time of writing the site isn’t allowing logins, but it does incl

Google Health Next Week?

USA Today’s Kevin Maney thinks Google Health may launch next week based on a comment by Marissa Mayer, Google’s VP Product, during a meeting. Vertical search makes a lot of sense for certa