• Why Google Health Really Failed—It's About The Money

    Why Google Health Really Failed—It's About The Money

    As reported on TechCrunch, Google shut down its medical records and health data platform. Since then, there’s been a lot of bits spilled offering explanations, but they all missed the most critical item. Money. Or in the language of healthcare – Reimbursement. I explain more below regarding why Google Health was doomed to fail in light of the legacy reimbursement model. First… Read More

  • Google Health Creator Adam Bosworth On Why It Failed: "It's Not Social"

    Google Health Creator Adam Bosworth On Why It Failed: "It's Not Social"

    After several years languishing in the backwoods of Google’s server farms, Google Health got its plug pulled today. Why did the ambitious project to record your health record online and help you research your every ailment fail? I asked this to Adam Bosworth, the former Googler who originally created Google Health, a few weeks ago when he was in the TCTV studio to talk about his new… Read More

  • Google Shuts Down Medical Records And Health Data Platform

    Google is shutting down Google Health, which enables you to store and manage all your health information in one place on the Web. Google says the platform simply wasn’t having the ‘broad impact’ necessary to sustain the product. From Google’s blog post: There has been adoption among certain groups of users like tech-savvy patients and their caregivers, and more… Read More

  • Google Health Gets A Wellness Makeover, Now Integrated With Fitbit And CardioTrainer

    Google Health, which enables you to store and manage all your health information in one place on the Web, is getting a much-needed redesign and feature upgrade today. And Google, which launched Google Health in 2008, has partnered with popular mobile health app CardioTrainer and personal health and wellness monitoring device Fitbit to integrate data from these applications into your Health… Read More

  • MyVaccs wants Brits to store their vaccination records online

    [UK] Taking responsibility for one’s own health records, let alone storing then online, is a pretty alien concept to most Brits, considering the National Health Service (NHS) and the centrally stored patient database that’s being rolled out on our behalf. That isn’t stopping Scotland-based MyVaccs, however, which is hoping to persuade parents, students and frequent travelers… Read More

  • Google Health Adds Two More Insurers, Only Has 267 To Go

    Google announced today the addition of two new health insurance companies to its Google Health platform at the Health 2.0 – original naming FTW – event in San Francisco. The fact that the company is touting this addition on its main blog is telling because it cuts to the heart of the product’s main challenge. You see, Google Health – which enables you to store and… Read More

  • Google Health Now Lets You Upload Scanned Medical Documents

    Whether it be bills, insurance forms, medical records or prescriptions, patients are often inundated with vast quantities of paper. Google Health is now trying to help you organize all of this paperwork in its platform. Google Health, which finally launched last May after months of rumors, has ambitions to become a centralized and secure place to store medical records online. The new feature… Read More

  • MiVitals Can't Find Pulse For Online Health Records

    Online health records is a rapidly growing segment of the health 2.0 world—Google Health, Microsoft’s HealthVault, WebMD, Aetna’s SmartSource (via a partnership with Healthline), and Revolution Health (now part of Waterfront Media), are just a few of the many online platforms that let consumers organize their health records online in a secure portal. In a space where you… Read More

  • CVS Signs On With Google Health To Offer Comprehensive Pharmacy History

    The slow but steady march towards a unified online healthcare management system continues. Google has announced that it has forged a new partnership with CVS, one of the nation’s largest pharmacy chains, allowing CVS customers to import their full prescription history into Google Health. CVS joins other major pharmacies including Longs Drugs and Walgreens in offering the same… Read More

  • Google Health Now Lets You Share Your Medical History With Loved Ones

    After months of rumors, Google Health finally launched last May, promising to store our medical records in a secure way that is more accessible, easier to understand, and useful than traditional paper records. Since then we haven’t heard too much about the service, which isn’t particularly surprising given the sensitive nature of the information involved (this isn’t a… Read More

  • Google Health Coming Soon?

    Spotted by Google Blogscoped is a login page for Google Health, Google’s entry into the online health records space. At the time of writing the site isn’t allowing logins, but it does include this text: With Google Health, you can:
    * Build online health profiles that belong to you
    * Download medical records from doctors and pharmacies
    * Get personalized health guidance and… Read More

  • Google Health Next Week?

    USA Today’s Kevin Maney thinks Google Health may launch next week based on a comment by Marissa Mayer, Google’s VP Product, during a meeting. Vertical search makes a lot of sense for certain categories, and Health is one of them. Just compare the results for any health related search from Healthline, a well funded new health search site, to a standard search on Google. The question… Read More