Google Hardware Event 2018

Here’s Google’s Echo Show competitor, the $149 Home Hub

This is Google’s Echo Show competitor, the Home Hub. We knew it was coming, via an avalanche of leaks and now, moments before the event has officially kicked off, here it is in all of its glory

Here is the Google Pixel 3

There are no surprises in the world of consumer electronics. We’ve already seen the Pixel 3 from every conceivable angle, both in video and still. And now, mere minutes before today’s event is set

Here’s Google’s Pixel Stand

Google is launching its Pixel Stand today, a new wireless charging accessory for your Pixel phone that lets you dock your phone and — as you’ve probably guessed — sit your phone upri

Watch Google unveil the Pixel 3 and more here!

Each October, Google throws one big “Made by Google” event to show off all of the new gadgets it’s been working on for months. Today is that day. The event will start at 8 AM Pacific

This is the Google Pixel Slate

Maybe there will be some surprises at next week’s Google event. At this rate, however, we’re not entirely optimistic at the prospect. Just as the Pixel 3 got the full hands-on treatment in Hong Ko