• You've Got A Date With FAIL, It's On Your Google Calendar

    Google wants us to move all of our data to the cloud. And yet, they keep having issues where a service that many people rely heavily on goes down. The latest is Google Calendar, which has been down for many people for well over an hour now. The App Status Dashboard, and Google Calendar’s Twitter account confirm the disruption, but won’t say what caused it. We have an email into… Read More

  • Google Officially Deadpools Gears For Safari. Puts It On Death Watch For Firefox And IE.

    Google Officially Deadpools Gears For Safari. Puts It On Death Watch For Firefox And IE.

    While digging through the Chromium forums back in November looking for clues about the then-unreleased Chrome for Mac beta, we stumbled on an interesting bit of information: Google was moving away from supporting Gears going forward. While this move was obvious for some given Google’s heavy investment in HTML5, Google hadn’t talked much about what would happen to their plug-in… Read More

  • Google Calendar Goes Offline For Everyone, But Is Still Hampered

    In January, Google released an offline version of Gmail based on Google Gears. Last month, it began offering an offline version of Google Calendar to enterprise app customers. Today, the rest of us get to try the offline calendar, which is also based on Google Gears. Once you click on the “Offline” link at the top of the page, the application asks you once to enable Google Gears… Read More

  • Gmail Goes Offline With Google Gears

    Until today, one of the biggest drawbacks of Gmail is that you could not go through your emails when you were offline. Today, that changes. Gmail is finally going offline. Google is rolling out a Google Gears version of Gmail that will be available to users starting today in Gmail Labs. (If you don’t see it, keep checking, the rollout to all users should be complete by the end of… Read More

  • Google Offers A Geolocation API For Gears (But It Only Works On Windows Mobile)

    After hinting that it would do so last June, Google’s mobile team has released a Geolocation API for Google Gears. This works both on mobile phones and laptops running Gears, but developers will find it most useful for mobile applications. Unfortunately, they will be limited in that regard because Google Gears Mobile still only works on Windows Mobile phones, even though an Android… Read More

  • Google Reader On The Go

    Well, well, well. I finally know what I can do with Google Gears and it makes me feel funny deep down inside my pants. Get your head out of the gutter! My ankle itches, you perverts. Anyways…back to Google Gears and the amazing things it can do when you’re stranded without an Interwebs connection. It’s THE perfect solution for people who have to travel and rely on their laptop… Read More