Google Expeditions

Google Expeditions app now offers augmented reality tours

Thanks to Google’s AR tech, you’ll soon be able to throw a skeleton onto your kitchen table and take a guided tour of the bones. Google is bringing AR tech to its Expeditions app with a ne

Google’s new Tour Creator lets students make their own VR tours

Google today launched a new tool for teachers and their students called Tour Creator, which allows anyone to create their own VR tour using imagery from Google’s Street View or their own 360-deg

Google opens Expeditions VR education app to the public

Google has long sold its Cardboard VR format as a super-accessible platform for getting people into virtual reality. One of their major initiatives has been in education markets through Google Expedit

Google brings ‘Hamilton’ experiences to students in the theater and virtual reality

Google's philanthropic arm,, gave 5,000 high school students across the country a chance to see the smash hit Hamilton: An American Musical. All of this was possible thanks to an $800,000 g

Engaging kids in design-based learning

While most kids their age are glued to various digital devices, often wasting hours playing mindless games or watching cat videos, 164 fourth and fifth graders, along with eight elementary school teac

Virtual reality — from the living room to the classroom

With the dawn of virtual reality, we are in the midst of a massive paradigm shift in how educators will perceive and incorporate video gaming experiences. Video games tend to be simulations of the rea

Google’s Expeditions Pioneer Program Brings Cardboard To Schools

Earlier this year at its I/O developer conference, Google announced 'Expeditions,' an app that lets teachers create synchronized virtual school trips using the company's Cardboard virtual reality view