Google Duet AI

Google announces new AI-powered features for education

Google announced a bunch of new features for classroom management, accessibility, and AI-powered features for creating questions and lesson plans as part of the Bett ed-tech event in the UK. AI-powere

Google’s GitHub Copilot competitor is now generally available and will soon use the Gemini model

Google today announced that Duet AI for Developers, the suite of AI-powered assistance tools for code completion and generation the company announced earlier this year, is now generally available and

Google’s Duet AI can now write your emails for you

Gmail’s new AI companion will be able to help you draft and customize your emails, Google announced as part of this week’s news from its Google Cloud Next ’23 event. The company had

Google’s Duet AI becomes a meeting assistant, doc summarizer and chat companion

Google’s Duet AI, its generative AI-powered helper, is now becoming generally available to any organization using Google Workspace, the company announced today at its Google Cloud Next event. Th