Google Driverless Car

The Self-Driving Car Revolution Will Be Slow And Help Us All, But It Won’t Kill Driving Anytime Soon

A very intelligent piece by BuzzFeed’s Mat Honan said that Google’s self-driving car would bring about the “ugly end of driving.” He’s correct in almost every way; cars are “giant, ineffic

Google Self-Driving Car Update From October: No Crashes, Halloween Helpful

Today, Google shared their self-driving car project monthly report. Good news, there were no accidents. There were however, some interesting learnings that the team shared about how they’re trai

Google’s Self-Driving Car Tests Continue In Austin (And Don’t Worry, It Can Handle Deer)

Google announced in July that it’d be taking its self-driving car test on the road…to beautiful Austin. It has done just that, and the company looks to be expanding the tests it’s do