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Google’s latest Doodle lets you create your own mini arcade game

Today’s Google Doodle lets you make, play and share your own mini arcade game to honor the memory of videogame pioneer Jerry Lawson. Lawson led the team that developed the first home video gamin

Google gets into the Halloween spirit with a ghostly multiplayer interactive Doodle

If you want to take a break from work or the never-ending news cycle, Google is here to give you an escape. The search giant has launched a new Halloween-themed playable Doodle that opens up to a Sna

Bored before the holiday? Go play the game built into today’s Google Doodle

The concept of a Google Doodle — the little widget that sometimes replaces the Google logo on the company’s main search page — has gotten a lot more complex over the years. The first one (fr

Google celebrates Olympics with Doodle Fruit Games

The Olympics kick off this week and to celebrate, Google is featuring a new interactive doodle in the Google App for iOS and Android every day for the next seven days (and they will all be available

Google Turns 17 Today, Celebrates Its ‘Least Random Birthday’

Here’s something that didn’t pop up for me on Facebook. Happy Birthday Google! Or is it Alphabet? No, it’s Google. The search site now CEO’d by Sundar Pichai is almost an adult

Google’s Valentine’s Day Doodle Features Six Tales Of Real Romance

Google has a Valentine’s Day doodle for their search homepage, the way they do every year. This one is fairly elaborate, however, and features stories supplied by Ira Glass and NPR’s This

Google Doodle Celebrates Halloween With Spooky Haunted Houses

Following Google's tradition of decorating its <a target="_blank" href="">homepage</a> to celebrate major holidays, the Google Doodle today is a cute and spooky interactive animat

Google Marks 14 Years Organizing The World’s Information With Birthday Doodle

The chameleonic Google Doodle is currently marking a very special occasion for Mountain View: today is the search giant's 14th birthday. The Birthday Doodle is a rather simplistic affair, compared

Today’s Google Doodle Is An Awesome, Playable Moog Synthesizer

While we don't make a habit out of covering every iteration of the Google Doodle, today's version is especially awesome. <a href="">The doodle</a> is celebrating the birth date