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  • Google Demo Slam Hopes To Be American Idol For Tech Demos

    A couple days ago, we noted the existence of, a mysterious little website operated by Google. Since it only contained a temporary landing page powered by Flash, it was hard to tell exactly what it would be. But now we know. Starting today, Google Demo Slam will be a site used to showcase cool demos that people make using Google products and technology. How exactly this will work… Read More

  • Google Demo Slam: Something Weird Begins On Wednesday

    Google Demo Slam: Something Weird Begins On Wednesday

    This morning, we were alerted to a site at the URL Imagine our surprise when it turned out to be some sort of Google project. Or at least, that’s how it appears. Currently, the site is just one giant Flash file that plays over and over again. It shows some weird Wall-E-like figures sitting in the rain while a figure in a green cap mows some lawn that doesn’t exist. Read More