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  • Google redesigns its privacy and security dashboard

    Google redesigns its privacy and security dashboard

    Google today announced a refresh of its privacy and security dashboard, its one-stop shop for checking and changing your privacy settings, opting out of personalized ads and seeing which third-party services have access to your data. You’re not going to find any new controls here, but the company says that the update is meant to make the tools easier to use on mobile. Read More

  • Google Gives You A Privacy Dashboard To Show Just How Much It Knows About you

    The more Google products you use, the more data it collects about everything you do online—your search history, your emails, the blogs and news sites you read, which videos you watch on YouTube, your news alerts, tasks ,and even shopping lists. For some of these, you need to explicitly grant Google permission to keep track of data associated with your profile. But it’s hard to… Read More