Google Cloud Storage

Google Cloud gets more expensive

Renting cloud infrastructure typically gets cheaper over time, but Google Cloud is bucking this trend today with significant price increases across a number of core services. These increases, which Go

Google introduces dual-region storage buckets to simplify data redundancy

Google is playing catch-up in the cloud, and as such it wants to provide flexibility to differentiate itself from AWS and Microsoft. Today, the company announced a couple of new options to help separa

Google One is more proof of commoditization of consumer cloud storage

We have long known that the price of cloud storage services like Dropbox, Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive have been getting cheaper over time. Yesterday’s launch of Google One¬†in the U.S. d

Now Coming With Your Laptop: Large Helpings Of Cloud Storage

Out this morning is a spec list for the forthcoming HP Stream laptop that will run Windows 8.1, and is expected to cost $199. It's a device that Microsoft hopes will compete with Chromebooks, Google's

Google’s New Cloud Import Tool Makes Switching From AWS Easier

Google today launched Online Cloud Import, a tool that makes it easier for developers to transfer their data from AWS's S3 storage service and other HTTP/HTTPS servers to its own Google Cloud Storage.

Google Cloud Storage Connector For Hadoop Launches As Data Analytics Becomes A Priority For Cloud Providers

Google Cloud Storage has had the capability to run Hadoop so developers can do advanced analytics on its distributed computing platform. Today, Google is attempting to simplify the process with a <a

Egnyte’s New File Syncing Service Helps Customers Take Advantage Of The Cloud’s “Rock Bottom” Pricing

To help companies take advantage of the cloud's "rock bottom" pricing, Egnyte has extended its file sharing and synchronization capabilities to a host of third-party providers, including Amazon S3, Go

Not To Be Outdone By Amazon, Google Reduces Its Cloud Storage Pricing For 2nd Time In A Week

This is competition at work: earlier this week, Google announced that it would reduce the price of its standard Google Cloud Storage by just a bit over 20%. Then, Amazon announced yesterday that it wo

Google Drops Pricing On Cloud Storage 20%, Adds New Features In Advance Of Rival Amazon’s First Big Cloud Summit

Google has <a target="_blank" href="">dropped cloud storage pricing 20 percent</a>, has added a set of new features,