Google Cloud Next 2023

Google’s Duet AI can now write your emails for you

Gmail’s new AI companion will be able to help you draft and customize your emails, Google announced as part of this week’s news from its Google Cloud Next ’23 event. The company had

General Motors to use Google AI chatbot for its OnStar service

General Motors has found a new way to get in on the generative AI buzz. The automaker is now using Google Cloud’s conversational chatbot, dubbed Dialogflow, to handle some non-emergency OnStar f

Google launches BigQuery Studio, a new way to work with data

Companies increasingly see the value in mining their data for deeper insights. According to a NewVantage survey, 97.6% of major worldwide organizations are focusing investments into big data and AI. B

Duet AI, Google’s AI assistant suite, expands across Google Cloud

Duet AI, Google’s collection of generative AI features for text summarization, organizing data and more, is expanding to new products and services in Google Cloud. At its annual Cloud Next confe

Google Colab gains an enterprise tier

Google Colaboratory (Colab for short), Google’s service designed to allow anyone to write and execute arbitrary Python code through a browser, including code to run AI apps, is gaining an enterprise

Google Cloud announces the 5th generation of its custom TPUs

At Cloud Next, its annual user conference, Google Cloud today announced the launch of the fifth generation of its tensor processing units (TPUs) for AI training and inferencing. Google announced the f

Google introduces GKE Enterprise to help companies manage complex Kubernetes environments

Google launched Kubernetes back in 2014 as an open source project to help manage containers. Over time, as it has become a cloud-native mainstay, the company has continued to support the open source p

Google Cloud’s new Cross-Cloud Network makes it easier to connect applications across clouds

Most large businesses now leverage a number of cloud providers. At its Cloud Next conference today, Google Cloud announced Cross-Cloud Network, a new feature that will make life easier for these busin

Google is bringing generative AI to its security tooling

Today at Google Cloud Next, the company announced several new generative AI enhancements to its security product line in an effort to make it easier to find information from a massive amount of securi

Google’s Cloud Spanner Data Boost is now generally available

At its annual Cloud Next conference, Google Cloud today announced the general availability of Cloud Spanner Data Boost. Data Boost is a fully managed serverless service that allows users to analyze th

Google’s Duet AI becomes a meeting assistant, doc summarizer and chat companion

Google’s Duet AI, its generative AI-powered helper, is now becoming generally available to any organization using Google Workspace, the company announced today at its Google Cloud Next event. Th

Google’s new A3 GPU supercomputer with Nvidia H100 GPUs will be generally available next month

Despite their $30,000+ price, Nvidia’s H100 GPUs are a hot commodity — to the point where they are typically back-ordered. Earlier this year, Google Cloud announced the private preview lau

Google upgrades Vertex AI to keep pace with the generative AI boom

Over half of CEOs globally are experimenting with AI to generate text, images and other forms of data, a recent joint survey by Fortune and Deloitte found. Meanwhile, a third of organizations are usin

Google’s AlloyDB AI transforms databases to power generative AI apps

AlloyDB, Google’s fully managed PostgresSQL-compatible database service, is gaining a few AI smarts. Google today announced the launch of AlloyDB AI, an integrated set of capabilities built into