Google Clips

Farewell, Google Clips

Update: Google has confirmed that it will be discontinuing the device. The company tells TechCrunch, Starting with Pixel 3, we integrated Clips technology into the Photobooth feature, which helps user

Insta360’s tiny new GO stabilized camera could be game-changer for social video

Insta360 has quickly established itself as the leader in 360-degree video capture, at least for the consumer market, and its new GO stabilized camera builds on that legacy and extends some of the tech

Google Clips gets better at capturing candids of hugs and kisses (which is not creepy, right?)

Google Clips’ AI-powered “smart camera” just got even smarter, Google announced today, revealing improved functionality around Clips’ ability to automatically capture specific

Google’s pricey Clips ‘smart camera’ gets a $50 discount

There’s nothing altogether unusual about a holiday-related sale, but Google’s decision to drop its Clips camera by $50 through May 13 does leave one wondering if the company’s had some trouble m

Google’s AI-powered Clips smart camera is now available

Here are four things Google Clips is not: A life-logging camera An action camera A security camera Cheap And two things it is: Deceptively sophisticated Available today After being announced back at t

Google Clips review

Second, it is not an action camera. There are plenty available, if you’re in the market. Google Clips is not that. Don’t attach it to your skydiving helmet or motorcycle handlebars. Third, Clips i

Can Google’s AI-powered Clips make people care about lifelogging?

Lifelogging once seemed like an inevitability. Between social media and the increasing ubiquity of cameras, we were all clearly moving toward a sort of constant documentation of our lives’ event

The hard tech behind Google’s simple Clips camera

Maybe the biggest surprise of Google's hardware event today was the launch of Clips, a small stand-alone AI-driven camera that can capture up to three hours of video and images and then automatically