Visa Checkout Announces Walmart, Starbucks As Merchant Partners

Today, Visa Checkout announced that some major new companies would se starting to utilize the service. Starbucks, Walgreens, NFL Shop, HSN and have all signed on and will be joining Chec

Google Checkout Nixed In Favor of Google Wallet

Google Checkout is being sunsetted as the company focuses on shaping Google Wallet into a viable PayPal rival. Google Commerce <a target="_blank" href="

What Games, Places, Music And News Could Mean For Google Checkout

<img src="//" class="shot2">While Google's payment system, <a href="">Go

Google Checkout Now Deals In Holiday Savings

<img src="" width="195" height="200" />It's the Monday after Thanksgiving / Black Friday, which means many people will dub to

PayPal To Offer Virtual Credit Card Payment Product

Paypal will launch a new virtual credit card payment product Tuesday. The new service “PayPal Secure Card” generates a one use unique Mastercard number that Paypal users can utilize to mak

Google Checkout offers low-cost transactions for sellers; what's in it for me?

Google Checkout launched early this morning and may significantly change the online shopping sector. The system offers low transaction costs for merchants and mediation between buyers and sellers onli