Google’s G Suite apps and Calendar are getting Gmail’s side panels

One of the best features of the new Gmail is its quick-access side panel with easy access to Google Calendar, Tasks, Keep and your Gmail extensions. Now, Google is bringing this same functionality to

Google Calendar makes rescheduling meetings easier

Nobody really likes meetings — and the few people who do like them are the ones with whom you probably don’t want to have meetings. So when you’ve reached your fill and decide to res

Google Calendar gets an ‘Out of Office’ mode

Google Calendar is the latest Google app to get an update focused on improving users’ “digital wellbeing.” The company announced today it’s rolling out a new “Out of Offi

Google Calendar now lets you add a message when you change an event

Google is adding a small but useful feature to Google Calendar. Starting today, when you change or delete an event, a dialog box now pops up that allows you to attach a short message to the event to e

Google is about to force you to use its new Calendar design

Last October, Google announced a redesigned look and feel for Google Calendar on the desktop. Not everybody loves the design (including me, though some people have told me I’m wrong), but soon y

Google Calendar on the web gets a fresh new look

After a few years of sticking with essentially the same design, Google Calendar on the web is getting a makeover today. That means a fresh new color palette and a design in line with Google’s Ma

Vyte makes it easy to invyte people to your calyndyr

Planning a meeting with me used to take hours. First you must bathe yourself in the ritual Spring of Understanding and then, once completely clean, you must enter the room of Writing Down The Appointm

Google Calendar integrates with Google Fit and Apple Health to help you stick to your fitness goals

With Goals, Google launched a new Google Calendar feature last year that allowed you to easily schedule and track certain goals you set for yourself. Right in time for people to forget their New Year&

Google Calendar for Android makes scheduling meetings on the go easier

Despite the fact that numerous companies have tried to solve this problem, scheduling meetings is still a hassle. If you use Google for Work or Edu on the desktop, you are probably familiar with how

Google Calendar’s newest feature uses machine learning to help you actually accomplish your goals

Google Calendar has launched a feature called Goals that uses machine learning to help you figure out when you have time to pencil in stuff like spending time with your family or exercise. The feature

Google Calendar’s Reminders feature is now on the web

Way back in December, Google added a to-do function called Reminders to the Google Calendar iOS and Android apps. Now, at long last, it is available for the web.

Google Calendar Gets Reminders

Gmail has had a "to-do" feature for the longest time, but it was pretty useless, as it was a simple standalone, one-off feature that probably graduated from Labs at one point. It was never integrated.

Google Calendar For The Web Gets A Trash Can

You set up a meeting, drop it into Google Calendar . Then someone says “let’s do it another time” and you delete it. Then they say they’re available again. What do you do? You

Google Calendar Is Down, Feel Free To Be Late For Your Meetings

Google Calendar is having issues this morning, so if you don’t know what meetings you have and where you are supposed to be, you’re not alone. As far as we can see, the outage started some

Gmail To Auto-Populate Google Calendar For Work With Things Like Flights And Hotel Bookings

For a while, Gmail data like flight information has been surfaced in Google's search product. One could imagine that that data would make sense in other Google Calendar. Ding ding! Go

Meetings That Don’t Suck

For most of us, and certainly for most of your team, meetings are the least productive part of our day. Yet too many brilliant people are stuck in too many meetings. Meeting cultures begat more meetin

Google Calendar Gets Location Autocomplete and Type-Ahead Search Results

Google Calendar is getting a small update today that adds autocomplete for locations and instant search results as you type to the company’s calendaring solution. With the new location autocompl

My Calendar Has Gotten Smarter In Really Dumb Ways

When I travel to the East Coast, I sometimes feel like I'm living in a time warp, as my iPhone and Google Calendar keep notifying me about meetings that had happened three hours earlier. I've already

When Did You Tweet That? Twistory Improves Google Calendar Support

<a href="">Twistory</a>, which lets people <a href="">save t

Coming This Summer: Fully Offline Gmail, Google Calendar, And Google Docs

<img class="alignnone size-full wp-image-302405" title="Offline" src="" alt="" />While it hasn't always been clear just how big of a bet Goog
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