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Google brings together BigQuery and Kaggle in new integration

Google bought Kaggle in 2017 to provide a data science community for its big data processing tools on Google Cloud. Today, the company announced a new direct integration between Kaggle and BigQuery, G

Segment adds Google BigQuery to expand its customer data platform

Segment helps businesses manage all their data from services like Google Analytics, Mixpanel and Salesforce — and send that data to a variety of destinations, whether it’s an attribution prod

Google’s Cloud Machine Learning service is now in public beta

Google announced a number of updates to its cloud computing services at a small event in San Francisco this morning. These updates touch Google’s machine learning services, as well as its datab

Google Launches BigQuery Streaming For Real-Time, Big-Data Analytics

<a target="_blank" href="">BigQuery</a>, Google's cloud-based tool for quickly analyzing very large datasets, is getting a massive price cut today (up to 85 per

Google Boosts BigQuery With New Analytics Functions, Adds New UI, Drops Prices

<a target="_blank" href="">Google BigQuery</a> is getting a number of <a target="_blank" href="