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  • Google Launches New AdWords Tools And Certification Program For Ad Agencies

    Google Launches New AdWords Tools And Certification Program For Ad Agencies

    Google this morning announced a number of changes in the way it deals with advertising agencies around the world, from small search marketing shops to large traditional marketing household names. Penry Price, Vice President, Global Agency Development at Google has blogged about the changes here and here. In short, the search and Internet advertising giants aims to raise the bar for Google… Read More

  • In India, Facebook Uses Google AdWords To Leapfrog Orkut

    Different territories demand different marketing approaches. Google, for instance, has been spotted taking the unusual route of promoting their search engine and Chrome browser with print advertising campaigns in India and The Netherlands, respectively. And now a reader informs us that Facebook is buying Google ads on the search giant’s India portal ( You can see some… Read More

  • Google's 2009 Holiday Gift To Ad Partners: $20 Million To Charity

    Each year, Google sends out gifts to its users of its AdSense and AdWords products. Typically, these gifts are only given to the “high-rollers” on each in early December. But this year, these gifts were nowhere to be found, and it appears that today has revealed the reason. It looks like Google has sent out a message to all AdSense and AdWords partners letting them know that… Read More

  • The Selling Of Google AdWords

    Throughout 2005, the year after the company went public on NASDAQ, Google commissioned multiple research agencies to run analysis on the importance of Internet search and search advertising in purchasing decisions across a variety of verticals. While part of this research – which the company probably still orders considering how important the business continues to be for… Read More