Google AdSense

  • Google's 2009 Holiday Gift To Ad Partners: $20 Million To Charity

    Each year, Google sends out gifts to its users of its AdSense and AdWords products. Typically, these gifts are only given to the “high-rollers” on each in early December. But this year, these gifts were nowhere to be found, and it appears that today has revealed the reason. It looks like Google has sent out a message to all AdSense and AdWords partners letting them know that… Read More

  • Smartphones Get Bigger Ads From Google

    There’s no doubt high-end mobile devices like the iPhone, Palm Pre or Android-powered phones will continue to increase in popularity in the years to come. With these smartphones boasting full HTML browsers, it’s only natural for Google to pitch its omnipresent AdSense product to mobile publishers in the same way they’ve been promoting AdSense for regular website monetization… Read More

  • LiveJournal Users Can Now Make Money With Google AdSense, If They Pay Up First

    It’s notoriously hard for bloggers with a limited audience to monetize the traffic generated by the content they self-publish, and LiveJournal users are no exception. Now LiveJournal has added a program dubbed ‘Your Journal – Your Money’ which should help users monetize their blogs or journals using Google AdSense. Important caveat: only users with paid accounts are… Read More

  • High Payouts From Microsoft PubCenter May Be Too Good To Be True

    Last week, Microsoft officially opened up PubCenter to the masses, allowing anyone to sign up for the ad program. We’ve written about how Microsoft’s PubCenter, a self-serve third-party ad publishers platform through AdCenter, was doing well with private beta testers over the past year, with PubCenter paying significantly more than competitors Google AdSense and Yahoo Publisher… Read More

  • AdSense For Domains Now Available For All US Publishers

    Any US publisher with a domain name he or she isn’t using (yet) can now squeeze a couple of extra dollars out of it by using Google AdSense For Domains, another way for the search giant to make more money from online real estate and give some of it back to people with parked domains. The company is opening up to ‘English-language AdSense publishers located in North America’… Read More

  • Google Adds Adsense to Mobile

    It is everywhere… advertising, and escaping ads and marketing campaigns might just get a little harder. But this isn’t necessarily a bad thing either. Because, while Google may not have invented online advertising, its efforts certainly brought ads to sites that wouldn’t have otherwise been able to sell any sort of banner ads or generate other forms of revenue. Now the mobile Web… Read More