Google’s Larry Page Talks Improving Nexus Hardware Supply, Motorola’s Opportunities For Device Innovation

Google's conference call regarding its quarterly earnings mostly rehashed themes we've heard before – cross-platform remains a priority. But Google CEO Larry Page had a few words to share about hard

Google Continues Motorola Restructure, Drops 1K Employees And Divides Staff Into “Home” And “Mobile” Ahead of Sale

Google unveiled its Q4 2012 earnings today, and among the numbers were its customary look at employee headcounts for the quarter, and that number tells the tale of a continued reorganization of the Mo

Amid Analyst Confusion, Google Beats, Q4 2012 Revenue Up 36 Percent To $14.42B, Net Income Up To $2.89B

After <a href="">last quarter's accidental mid-day earnings leak</a> which sent its stock pr