Google CEO Larry Page Puts Focus On Multiscreen Experiences With Chrome, Google+ And Advertising

Google CEO Larry Page spent a good portion of his time on today's Google company earnings call to talk about multiscreen opportunities, and how Google is addressing them. He said that just as with sea

Larry Page To Google’s Investors: “You Should All Run Out And Buy The Nexus 7 For $199”

During its<a target="_blank" href=""> Q3 2012 earnings call</a>, Google's Larry Page, whose voice still sounded very hoarse and is clearly not back to where it was a yea

Google’s Mobile Run Rate Is Now $8 Billion, Up From $2.5 Billion A Year Ago

In Google's earnings call today, the search giant's CEO and co-founder Larry Page revealed that its mobile run rate is now $8 billion. That's up from <a href="

Google Cuts 1,058 Full-Time Jobs In Q3 As It Streamlines Motorola Mobility’s Workforce

Google's Q3 earnings leaked today, and among the reported stats was a noteworthy gap in full-time employees between its Q2 and Q3 results. At the end of June, Google had 54,604 full-time employees, th

Motorola 3Q2012 Revenues $2.58 Billion; 18% Of Revenue For Google’s Total Q3

Google's Q3 earnings just leaked ahead of schedule, and it appears that Motorola revenues accounted for $2.58 billion of Google's $14.10B revenue in the three-month period ending September 30. $1.78 b

Google’s Stock Takes A Dive After Accidental Mid-Day Earnings Release, Trading Halted On Google’s Request

Google accidentally released its <a target="_blank" href="">Q3 2012 earnings report</a> far ahead of schedule today a

Google Misses, Q3 2012 Revenue Up 45 Percent To $14.10B, Net Income Down 20 Percent To $2.18B

Google's earnings for Q3 ending on September 30 leaked in a <a target="_blank" href="">SEC document</a>. Revenues are up