• Gong says it’s cracked news personalization

    Gong says it’s cracked news personalization

    If you’re a little skeptical about trying out another news aggregator, Gong CEO Itzik Ben-Bassat knows what you’re probably thinking — after all, he heard the same thing when he was pitching investors. “They all kind of looked at me and said, ‘Not again,'” he recalled. But it seems like Ben-Bassat (who was previously an executive at Blizzard Entertainment and… Read More

  • Wrestling and boxing gong-shaped alarm clocks test your reaction time

    Japan and its alarm clocks. We just blogged the bizarre Clockman on Monday, but major Japanese toy maker Banpresto‘s two new models aren’t too normal either. The company has designed alarm clocks using wrestling and boxing gongs as the design motif. The idea actually kind of makes sense but is cruel at the same time. Read More