• 'Shadow Caddy' perfect for golfers too manly to take a cart but too lazy to carry their own clubs

    They say that golf is a good walk spoiled. But nothing spoils a good walk like paying $30 for a cart and then playing like ass all day long. Sure, you could carry your clubs but let’s be honest, we all play golf for a moderate to slightly below moderate amount of exercise. If I wanted to lift weights, I’d go to a… you know… that place that used to take $80 out of my… Read More

  • Wii: Tiger Woods ‘09 finally gets online play, plus better swing mechanics and five new courses This year’s version of Tiger Woods for the Nintendo Wii should finally address some of the shortcomings of the first two titles. Most notably, you’ll finally be able to play online against three other players. What’s really cool about the online mode is that all four of you will take your shots independently of each other. So you’ll… Read More

  • Play golf at your desk with this new mouse and pad

    Tokyo-based accessory maker Green House’s newest invention is a true dreamfor all gadget fans who don’t want to leave their computer to play golf. The company started shipping an (almost) golf ball shaped USB mouse along with a mat resembling a green. The set also includes a small putter, three “real” mini golf balls and a flag which can be placed on the mouse pad/green. Read More

  • Chill Stick beer quiver holds a six pack, my heart

    I betcha one of these would fit quite nicely into a golf bag. Maybe load her up with some barley pops and let’s get going. The Chill Stick costs a measly $11.98 — a pittance compared to what six beers in a cooler would cost you on almost any golf course. It’s made of neoprene, which is basically God’s gift to beverage enthusiasts and it comes in assorted colors that… Read More

  • OMG: Stormtrooper golf bag!

    [photopress:starwarsgolf.jpg,full,center] I love Star Wars and I love golf, and I always kind of assumed that they were mutually exclusive. Not so, as now a Japanese company has made this bad-ass Stormtrooper-head golf bag that I so totally want. Now all I need is an Ewok costumer for my caddy and I’m set, man. Set. Read More

  • $900 digital putter with built-in LCD display

    Wow, this putter blows the previously mentioned Star Trek putter right out of the water as far as geek factor is concerned. At $899, it costs more than most people’s entire set of golf clubs but for the uber-rich out there, why not pick one up? What the hell, huh? Might as well. It uses a "micro Inertial Navigation System (INS)" to "identify the putter face position… Read More

  • Any golf-playing Trekkies out there? Here's your putter

    Now I’ve officially seen it all. The Golfsmith Star Trek Enterprise NCC-1701 costs $130 and there are only 1701 available, which is probably 1700 more than there are golfers who are big enough Star Trek fans to buy this and use it on the course. It actually looks like a decent putter thanks to the weight-balancing warp speed tube thingies. Maybe I’ll pick one up someday, if only… Read More

  • Mario and Luigi remote controlled mini golfers

    Howsabout a little mini golf before your mid-morning accounts receivable meeting? These remote controlled Mario and Luigi figurines would be great for just that. At $25 each, they’re not exactly cheap given that "frustration may ensue when trying for the perfect putt" but can you really put a price on the nostalgia-meets-mini-golf craze that’s about to sweep the… Read More

  • Great Outdoors: Geeky Golf Gadgets

    Ah, Golf — the fickle mistress. She takes without asking. If you’re frustrated that you don’t get outside enough, why not get outside and frustrate yourself even further with a nice, aggravating round of golf? As one of the most gimmick-heavy sports around, golf offers plenty of opportunities for a fool and his money to part ways. Here are a few golf gadgets that might help… Read More

  • It's An Exploding Golf Ball (With a Condom Inside)

    If someone could explain why or how this is funny, on some level other than a base one, I’d be thankful. It’s one of those exploding golf balls, but at its center, it’s got a condom. Not a wrapped up one, which you could later use to avoid getting The Herp from the course hooker in the pro shop, but rather, ya know, just a condom. Supposedly it just flies out when the… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: High Seas Edition

    Help Key: The Essential Guide to Piracy
    Color A4 E-Paper: Porn Just Got Even Portable-er
    The Bill of Lights: Maunfacturers Need to Stop Putting Useless Lights Everywhere
    Oregon Scientific Four Piece Weather Module Station: For Those Who Just Need to Know The Dew Point Right Now
    Gears of War Golf Coming Soon Read More

  • Gears of War Golf Coming Soon

    Most people with an Xbox 360 probably own a copy of Gears of War. Surely they’ve played the hell out of it by now and it’s slowly collecting dust while they wait for a sequel to emerge. No sequel is in the works, but Epic Games boss Mark Rein has confirmed a spin-off of the game entitled Gears of War Golf Read More

  • Golden Tee: Home Version with Trackball!

    I hate the plug n’ play Wal*Mart style “video games”. But I really love the arcade game Golden Tee. It’s a little pricey, sure, but you get a lot of gameplay, and the way it approximates real golf is fairly true to the sport. (Yes, it’s a sport. Yes, I sweat while playing it. No, I’m not ashamed of that.) Because of my love for this game, I was thrilled… Read More

  • The Putter To End All Putters

    I never got into golf. I think it’s because I prefer sports that involve some amount of sweating (edit: And the fact that it’s lame. – Blake). Though, if I ever take it up, I’m totally going to buy one of these putters, so I can whoop anybody I play. The comes the DiXX Blu Digital Instructor from South Korean company Infinics. The putters sensors and LCD screen help… Read More

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