• Goldmund home theater system will blow your socks off

    I have a list of things that I plan to do once I become absolutely ridiculously rich. Being a blogger armed with a liberal-arts degree puts me on the perfect path, I know. The item right after building a house with secret passageways everywhere is calling up the guys from Goldmund and having them come by and install their top-of-the-line sound system. They invited me up to their brand new… Read More

  • Goldmund launches Blu-Ray player: 20DB Blue for $16,900

    I went to the Goldmund bungalow during CES and saw quite a bit of their technology in action. This is a company that takes a money amount and builds the best audio system you can imaging using stock and custom parts. Have $4 million? They’ll make you a $4 million AV room. Have $100 million? They’ll throw in a copy of Training Day. Seriously. The mind reels. Anyway, they just… Read More