going green

  • AirScape whole house fan is an ultra-quiet cheaper, greener alternative to A/C

    As the economy worsens and our wallets slim, an AirScape whole house fan sounds like a simple way to go green and save some money. While traditional whole house fans are noisy and power-hungry, the AirScape fans are ultra-quiet and energy-efficient. Payback on the AirScape is much faster than solar. Also, reducing electricity use means reducing CO2 emissions, so you’re reducing your… Read More

  • Tesla Roadster getting upgrades

    We’re fans of the Tesla Roadster, the all-electric hot rod that may well change attitudes towards electric cars as well as luxury cars. And the sports car is getting an update, with a new powertrain that replaces the 2-speed gearbox with a 1-speed box for a smoother ride and faster acceleration. It’s also more power efficient, though to what degree isn’t clear. The electric… Read More

  • I want this cool plug multiplier in a non-metric variety

    I do not have enough plugs in my house, so I have several unsightly power strips for me to trip on and break my face. It’s excellent. I want some sort of plug multiplier like this British deal. It’s both functional and cute, just like yours truly, and it has individual toggle switches for each outlet, so you can keep from being as much of a power vampire. Bring it to America, please. Read More