going green 2008

  • Bentley gets into the green game with electric roadster concept

    We’ve talked much the last two weeks about going green and electric cars, and now Bentley is getting in on the act with this tiny-yet-awesome Continental DC electric concept car. Though it’s not planned for production, the 256-pound Bentley works quite well for what it is, and can reach a top speed of 40MPH. The fact that a company like Bentley is jumping into the electric car field… Read More

  • Going green: So, is biofuel actually in our best interests?

    Using excess or leftover corn as a fuel source sure sounded like a good idea, especially here in the U.S. Let’s get our farmers from, I don’t, Iowa, to set aside a certain percentage of arable land for the production of fuel corn. (The term “fuel corn” may or may not exist, but it should if it doesn’t.) This corn, rather than being used for food, would be used for… Read More

  • Devotec Solar Charger: Acceptably svelte

    This product, made by an MD, no less, is a mini solar panel with multiple charging tips and a little leather case. It’s 19.99 British pounds sterling, which, at current exchange rates, translates to $5,432.29. Nokia old, Nokia new/N series, Sony Ericsson, Motorola/Blackberry/mini USB and Samsung phones as well as a DC 5V tip for PSPs and many digital cameras, an Ipod tip, and one for… Read More

  • Going Green: Will the Tesla Roadster bring about the all-electric revolution?

    When it was announced less than two years ago, many thought the Tesla Roadster was a hoax, or at best a vaporware concept that wouldn’t go anywhere. Thankfully, those skeptics have been proven wrong, with the Tesla in full production and the first lot sold out already. But what is it about the Tesla that makes it so unusual? Not only is it fully electric, making it one of the most green… Read More

  • Going Green: Orly airport relies on geo-thermal energy

    I’m a fan of geo-thermal energy. It’s almost free, available everywhere, and doesn’t pollute in any way. France likes it too, and is taking advantage of it to power a new airport. Geothermal power uses water and the Earth’s own internal heat to generate steam, which turns turbines and produces electricity. The only costs are those associated with pumping of the water… Read More

  • Going Green: What of hydrogen-powered cars? (Keep dreamin')

    Outside of the cesspool that is New York City, regular folk drive cars to and fro’. And while New Yorkers may get a bad rap for being “mean” or “high-strung” or “fancy,” by relying on public transportation (7 train~!) and our well-muscled legs to get around, we’re doing Mother Earth a big favor. As the rest of the country pumps CO2 and other… Read More

  • Going Green: Should you convert to Biodiesel? How does it work?

    Every once in a while you might see a car go by with a sticker proclaiming “Powered by soybeans” or “I run biodiesel! Ask me how!” or some such message. No doubt you’re curious, as I was. What are these mysterious frybrids, and do you want one? Your curiousity will be satisfied after the link. Read More

  • Lowepro Primus AW is the most eco-friendly camera bag

    I’m really digging on Lowepro’s gear lately. The Fastpack I reviewed a couple months back is still in great shape. I’ve got the Flipside, which is fantastic. I still have to do a formal review on it, but it’s phenomenal. Anyway, this being Green Week for us, I thought I’d share the Primus AW with you all. It’s Lowepro’s most eco-friendly pack and… Read More

  • Going Green: If you have to use a printer, do it the environmentally friendly way

    I love this month’s feature package, Going Green. It’s perfect for my tree hugging lifestyle and it gets everyone else at CG on board. There seems to be a misconception that being eco-friendly is hard or that it won’t make a difference. I hear the latter argument all the time and I relate it to girls and their dieting woes. Before you go and start calling me a chauvinistic… Read More

  • Biodegradable cell phones in the works

    http://www.ideasforlife.tv/externalPlayer.swf It’s a rather long video, but the University of Warwick’s Warwick Manufacturing Group is working with PVAXX Research & Development Ltd to make cell phones with biodegradable parts. It’s a pretty neat idea. Check it out. What are you doing with your old cell phones? Read More

  • Help-Key Going Green Edition: Tips to maximize your rechargeable batteries

    With so many portable devices in our homes, we use a lot more batteries than people think about. After many uses, though, many rechargeable batteries can suddenly fail, rendering the device useless if they’re non-swappable. If the device has a removable battery, you can of course buy a new one, but that means throwing the toxic and useless old one out. Why not trade it in to a refurb… Read More

  • Greening the geek house

    Go downstairs and check out your power meter. It’s probably spinning frantically. Why? Because you’re blowing electricity out of your home theatre set-up and home office like a fiend. Don’t worry: I’m doing it to. We all are. It’s the cost of staying online and entertained these days and, sometimes when I’m in the basement, I kind of get a twinge of… Read More

  • Going Green: How to get rid of your gadgety crap

    I’d be willing to bet that there are very few people out there who don’t have an old Motorola StarTac in a kitchen drawer or a pale, yellowish 14-inch CRT monitor in the basement or a sticky, dusty keyboard under the bed. I’m just like you — probably worse. I have gadgets from the Reagan administration that are serving no good purpose other than to take up space in… Read More

  • Going Green at CrunchGear

    Geeks are a selfish lot. Our obsessions are resource intensive and damaging to the environment. Every gadget we buy, ever minute we spend charging our iPhones, every laptop we send into oblivion in the IT shop is a testament to the unbeatable juggernaut of technological advancement and resource use. But it doesn’t have to be this way. We can rethink our strategies, be more careful… Read More

  • Australia's 'green' graveyard uses GPS to find graves

    Now the environmentally conscious can continue their quest to clean up this dump we call Earth by requesting to be buried near Lismore Memorial Park Cemetery in the Northern Rivers region of Australia. “The deceased will be buried in biodegradable coffins between gum trees in a protected koala sanctuary,” according to the Sydney Morning Herald. Headstones must be made from… Read More