• DJI intros a pair of goggles to go along with its new drone

    DJI intros a pair of goggles to go along with its new drone

    DJI’s little drone wasn’t its only big news from today’s Mavic Pro unveil event in New York City. The company also devoted a few moments of stage time to its new simply titled video wearable, Goggles. The on-the-nose name offers up the basics of what you need to know about the new product, an all-white headset reminiscent of a VR peripheral designed to offer up… Read More

  • Thanko Sells Underwater Video Camera Goggles

    Have you ever wanted to shoot video while you were out diving in the ocean? But using a waterproof video camera isn’t for you? Then you should consider Thanko‘s newest product, underwater video camera goggles [JP], which is waterproof to a depth of 5m. Read More

  • Uvex Uses Magic To Keep You Safe On The Slopes

    UVEX has been in the goggle game since the 50s when they pioneered UV protection in goggle lenses and today is no different. The Univision Magic implores LCD technology to eliminate the need to carry around two different sets of goggles when you’re hitting slopes. The Magic features a VALiD lens that was originally developed for the US Air Force by AlphaMicron. If you find yourself in… Read More